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Southern California Tornado Warning: Where would tornados form?

Asked by pleiades (6571points) February 26th, 2014

Would they be more country side? (flat lands toward mountains?) Or would they be more coastal?

Where will the strength of this system be within So. Cal? How strong can these tornados become?

Here is the article warning Southern California in the next few days

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According to this article the flooding will be south and west of the mountains.
We have had tornados in Bakersfield before. One of our apartments was on the news because it picked up a dumpster and hit a car. (The tornado picked up the dumpster, not the apartment.)
Edit: and I feel even stupider since I just realized we both linked the same article. It’s late. I’m tired. Sorry.

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Anywhere the Santa Ana winds hit would be my guess. I know they’ve detailed a train in the past.

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They would occur over the region as warm air moves westward off the desert and hits cold unstable air coming off the ocean. There have been funnel clouds over Riverside County before, and also waterspouts off the beaches, as fronts move. So it isn’t predominately in any area, but tied more to where the air masses meet.

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There is a large (and somewhat wacky) point of view that things like hurricanes and tornadoes are not natural weather events, but rather come as a result of god’s disappointment at mankind for breaking some rule or another.

see: link

California is particularly disliked by the religious folk, so the hard rains and bad weather this week may well be extra severe if the divine retribution theory is correct.

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@elbanditoroso That explains all the tornadoes that run through the Bible Belt.

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The graphic from the link in the OP shows the potential formation area.

In the northeastern part of the green band labeled “Severe Storm Flow”, there’s a black area labeled “Tornadoes” in red letters.

It’s a semi-ovular area extending from NW Baja to about Lompoc, CA, and from just beyond a line connecting Catalina to the Channel Islands inland to the coast-facing slopes of the major coastal mountain ranges.

I.e., the area includes western San Diego, Orange, southern Los Angeles, southern Ventura, and southern Santa Barbara counties.

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There have been tornados in Arizona. I remember one that was really bad, nearly every house on the block had some kind of serious damage.

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