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Am I leaning towards no god or god?

Asked by RockerChick14 (951points) February 26th, 2014 from iPhone

There are days when I look out the window and feel like with everything going on it’s not possible for one to exist but some days I feel like one might. I think that if you just sit around, nothing will happen and that you have to get up and move to make something happen.

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It sounds to me like you aren’t leaning towards either, but rather wavering between both. Perhaps you are an agnostic in the traditional sense (that is, one who neither believes nor disbelieves in God). Whether or not that is merely a temporary condition as you transition into theism or atheism is not something anyone else can decide for you. Perhaps you will decide that suspending judgment is the appropriate response and that neither belief nor denial deserve your allegiance. Perhaps you will decide that there is (or is not) a God after all. You can find plenty of arguments for both sides here and many other places on the internet. But in the end, the question is what makes the most sense to you.

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An agnostic questions the existence of God, as defined in the dictionary, sometimes continually. IMHO, there is no “God,” none at all, and you either know that there is no god or you haven’t made up your mind yet. You are on the right path and need to consider the possibility or non-possibility further. My quest took a few years. Good luck to you on yours!

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Seems to me you are leaning toward atheism. Here is a simple question to consider. What difference does it make whether or not God exists? Like you said, just sitting around and believing makes no difference. It is what you do that counts, with God or without God.

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You sound like an Agnostic to me. Welcome to a big club.

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Assalamualaikum (may peace be on u).

Well Brother it’s up to you. If you want to seek the truth and at the same be logical and then you will come to know the truth InshaAllah.

Here’s one of the story that I always like to share Brother. It’s enlightening and funny at the same time.

Reversion of an Atheist

Salaam (peace).

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Well sounds to me you are leaning to either. Faith is the size of a mustard seed but if one person has enough of it you can move a mountain it’s in the Bible (God’s word)

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I reject the common vision of God as a kind of Uber Vaterfigur who sits on a throne in the heavens and casts judgement upon lowly humans. However, I am open to the notion that the physical universe has a creator and that the force that has produced sentient beings is Love. I believe that a spiritual reality exists that underscores the laws of physics and morality. Judgement of a life after death is not necessary, since the effects of one’s choices moment to moment produces consequences in their immediate future and forms their evolving character. Those whose consciousness recognizes that when they decide that serving others is more important than serving themselves are on a spiritual path paralleling creation.

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It sounds to me like you’re searching, maybe for meaning, maybe for comfort, maybe for a purpose. I recommend you explore all religious and spiritual paths that appeal to you and see what works for you.

Personally I went through a searching phase and studied everything from Native American Indians, to Buddhism, to ancestor-worship, all kinds of things, until I found what made sense to me, God will always be there for you if that is what you choose. Good luck!!

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Sounds like an average day for me. Being agnostic sometimes feels like you are the person breaking up a fight between two cats. Honestly, it’s exhausting but it ‘s my unfortunate position based on the information I have

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You’re leaning towards the happy middle ground where you know you don’t know, and preference to either is an equivalent leap of faith.

Regardless, it’s inconsequential. I doubt the universe or god (if there is one) minds your speculation. Revel in the possibility of possibilities and enjoy it. How you live is up to you not your beliefs; and here and now, that is what really matters.
...if it’s what comes after that you’re worried about… Well… don’t.
You’ll find out soon enough.

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Ever considered you might be right. Perhaps God poofs in and out of existence rather like virtual particles do in the quantum vacuum, but since God is infinite, which is considerably larger than a quark, She exists for considerably longer than virtual particles do before colliding with anti-God and self annihilating.

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