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Have you made any changes in your diet lately?

Asked by Cruiser (40398points) February 27th, 2014

I ask this because of a news story today that says Orange Juice Isn’t Our Main Squeeze Anymore as they said much of the 40% decline in sales is due to people avoiding juice and the obvious carbs in juices. Also reminded me in how I don’t drink coffee, eat little to no red meat and little to no breads anymore for dietary reasons. I have noticed more and more people making conscious choices in their diets today more than ever before and was curious to see how other Jellies may have made adjustments in their diets and why?

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Yes… I order out less… and grocery shop once a week. I drink a vitamin shake once a day.

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I can’t seem to eat much dairy anymore.. Pains of getting old. It isn’t just milk, either, but soft cheeses as well. I can’t even drink the lactose-free stuff. My whole system is screwed up right now because of my Graves Disease, though, so anything I eat doesn’t agree with me, but milk products seem to be the worst.

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I’m also eating out/ordering in much less and cooking a lot more. I’ve also started riding an exercise bike every night. I’ve lost about 25 lbs thus far.

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@gorillapaws I asked this question while riding my recumbent bike….30 more minutes to go! Good job on the weight loss, keep it up. I am at 20 so far…10 more to go!

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Graduate school killed my diet. I was eating so healthy and then I just kept losing time to grading papers, writing papers, planning papers, presenting papers . . . I lived off fast food one quarter. Fast food and cereal. It was terrible.

After graduating, I swore off fast food, junk food, soda / juice (which I rarely drank anyway.) I was eating more fruits and vegetables, very little red meat, less creamy food.

My diet is getting pretty bad again. I’ve been stress eating and making lazier meals, but I’m feeling pretty inspired to change that.

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Oddly I went from a near vegetarian, eating no bad fats or sugars,and reduced carbs to a meat eating eating person. I’m not saying my first diet was bad. It was probably run badly is more the case.

I had prior to my change over, breaking nails, breaking hair, dizziness, apathy and tiredness. I was also more moody. I now eat a lot of olive oil, red meat (but exceptionally lean) potatoes and vegetables, which include carrots. (I find carrots the staple vegie here in Scotland). I also eat more protein over all. I think that is where I fell down with my veggie diet. I did not pay attention to protein.

I am now 1kg overweight. So I have put on weight and am now on a diet, but having said that it is more about the crazy sugar craving I have and excessive roast potatoes I eat. I think being a vegetarian takes a lot more concentration and preparation plus food knowledge to ensure you get all you need. I have also removed wheat and lactose from my diet. Lately I come out in rashes, I bloat and all sorts of weird things. So am trying to find the reason. I blame it on encroaching menopause.

I do believe food can heal you or harm you, being bipolar I think diet can indeed help me. That also goes for patterns of eating. For example 5 small meals a day would be better. I find that quite hard to do though.

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I added pysllium husk fiber to my diet. It’s a powder, and I was told it would take all the poisons out of my stomach if I had it in the morning. I was skeptical, but wow it works. Just have something with you to eat about 30 minutes later. It made me so hungry.

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@LornaLove You are the first Vegan turned carnivore I have met and that should not be an issue for you but combining proteins (red meats) with potatoes is a combo surely to cause digestive issues that will pack on the pounds in a hurry. Keep an eye on fiber intake (think green leafy veggies) and ditch the potatoes for veggies and avoid carrots as they are also loaded with carbs. Stick with simple proteins (don’t overdo the meat portion…7–8 oz max) and avoid simple carbs and salt intake that can be a cause of bloating and you should see a change for the better.

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I’m eating a whole carrot from a $1.99 bag instead of 5 tiny pieces of carrot for $2.50 from the pizza joint

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I have just been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, and my wife has changed my diet dramatically.
I can’t even have hamburger buns anymore. I had to order it wrapped in lettuce today. (not bad!)

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Yeah, but only because I’m poor, so it’s all by default. And that mostly means, less beer. I said less, not none.

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I still choose Orange Juice “Florida” over coffee in the morning
it leaves me feeling fresh and gives me an instant jolt from the sourness in the morning!

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I constantly try to go more vegan at home. I do it well for several weeks and then I might not do so well a few weeks and then try to refocus. I am never 100%, but I go through weeks at a time where I am close to 95% at home. I don’t eat out much so it counts a lot. I wanted to eat more salads, romaine has a good amount of protein so that interested me, but it tears up my digestive track if I eat too much of it. I try to eat a colorful diet, meaning veggies and fruits that come in all sorts of colors, because I have so many vitamin and mineral dificiencies I hope it helps. I have always eaten veggies, but now I do focus more on a larger variety.

I actually drink more juice than I used to, primarily because my husband has wanted it in the house more. It’s still very little. I might have 8 ounces of juice per week, but there are weeks we don’t have any in the house, it isn’t a staple. As far as sugar I know the juice is the same as a Coke, so I don’t consider it a healthy drink, I drink it when I crave some sweet and I do think it is better than eating a chocolate bar. It also is good for absorbing iron, so I take it with my iron pills sometimes.

The biggest change that I have been consistent about in the last year is eating more fruit. I try to eat a piece of fruit every day. It would be considered a small serving for most people I think. One or two clementines. A small banana. A small apple or half a large one. A cup of melon.

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@filmfann Sorry to hear about the type II…it really is not bad to make those “drastic” kind of adjustments…I don’t have what you have but I eat pretty much the same. You may miss some of the carbs but if not already but soon, you will start to feel so much better and wonder why you tortured your body so all this time.

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@pleiades I gave up coffee about 2 years ago and though I miss it, if I do drink coffee now it gives the same pick-me-up you describe but I feel sluggish compared to the breakfast tea I now drink!

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@JLeslie I try to avoid all red meat which means substituting lots of vegetables and very creative and unusual salads. My wife simmered broccoli, small amount of red and yellow pepper and a hand full of spinach last night in chicken broth and then mashed it up, left it a bit lumpy, season to taste and it was an awesome.

I make a killer salad of julienned yellow zucchini, cucumber, onion and tossed with thin sliced red cabbage. I take the seed centers of the zuc and cuc, and blend them in with olive oil and vinegar and pour over the salad. A little celery salt and pepper…yum

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For the past three months my diet has changed a lot. I am eating old food that has either expired or will shortly. I’m also clearing out the freezer one package at a time. It is fun. For supper last night I had turkey and gravy on a bagel. This is not my only food of course. I am adding salad (purchased) and frozen veggies found in the freezer. I recently finished a loaf of zucchini bread from 2012.

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Yes I have, since the wife burnt the kitchen down again i’ve been forced to eat out or order takeaways.
Her “cooking” really needs immediate attention, a tragedy is surely imminent.

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@ucme Perhaps the kitchen being destroyed has averted tragedy! ;)

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For the time being yes #quitarsonaround.

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Only one…I’ve been treating myself lately to one of my childhood favorite guilty pleasures—butterscotch pudding (cooked, not instant!). Mmmm.

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Yeah. I’ve backed off of calories since November. The 20 pounds I wanted to lose is slowly coming off.

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@Cruiser I don’t see much difference between red meat or poultry. Fish might be a little better. They all have cholesterol and animal protein, and overall I think that is all bad for me. My body takes cholesterol and fat in, and it stays in for too long. My body just does not get rid of it. Not only does my cholesterol run high, even other fats run high, like vegetable oils. Bad genes. If I just substitute fish for meat I will still have high cholesterol. I have to substitute plants for animals.

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Big difference in calories.

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