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Do you exercise on a regular basis, and what kind(s) of exercise do you do?

Asked by jca (35976points) February 28th, 2014

Do you exercise on a regular basis?

What kind or kinds of exercise do you do? How long have you been doing this type of exercise and how has it helped you?

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I do yoga…a Sun Salutation I modified to have more poses in the morning and lift weights every other day and ride my recumbent bike every night. I also take the dawg for a walk/run around the block and the block is 1.5 miles around.

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I used to run about five times a week, about three miles at a good clip. That was excellent for aerobic conditioning and all-around vitality. Where I live now there is nothing but pavement, mostly concrete, and my feet were constantly achy so I cut out most of the running.
I also do yoga on an irregular basis, sun salutes and the major asanas, and the breathing exercises. The yoga is Very Good for me and I should do that more often. The pranayama (breathing exercises) is especially invigorating.

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Yes & lots.

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I do not, and I am offended by the suggestion that I do.

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I jog for an hour 3 times a week, walk for an hour 2 times a week, and I run for 30 minutes the rest of the week.

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I do a very brisk 2-mile walk on an indoor track 6 days a week.

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Yep. I try to exercise five nights per week, though sometimes it ends up being 3 or 4. I like to keep my workouts at 30 minutes because I don’t have a lot of time. I can only get to the gym for a 30-minute total body workout with 15 minutes of cardio, so on the other nights I use, which offers free full-length workouts. I’m pretty obsessed with it, actually. I try to get in a butt/thigh workout on Monday with cardio incorporated, an upper body and cardio workout on Tuesday, a cardio kickboxing/abs workout on Wednesday, and a random cardio (HIIT/Tabata) workout with an extended yoga-style cool down and stretch at the end. Once the weather warms up, I’ll be adding in a 15–20 minute brisk walk after dinner, but that’s more for my dog than for fitness.

What has it done for me? I’m not sure. I’m very slowly but surely losing weight, but that’s thanks to my diet, not so much the exercise. Has it drastically changed my body? No, but it certainly doesn’t hurt. It makes me feel good to complete a workout and my confidence goes up when I start to see subtle changes (firmer legs, smaller arms, etc). Plus, I’m sure it’s good for my body in ways I can’t see.

I do NOT run. If I’m running, you better run as well because something really scary is not far behind me. Running is just a miserable way to get exercise for me. And so boring! Which is why I try to stay away from cardio machines like treadmills and ellipticals and I opt for more “fun” ways to work out. I would love to go hiking, as I’ve never been, but walking for exercise seems like a complete waste of my time. An hour of walking vs. a 30-minute HIIT workout that actually challenges my muscles? No competition.

But I’m a strong believer that people need to do what works for them. If a walk after dinner keeps you fit and healthy, go for it. I just can’t stand when people complain that they’re walking a mile every day and not losing weight. Uh, hello, probably because you’re burning about 150 calories on that walk if you’re lucky! I said it before and I’ll say it again – weight loss happens in the kitchen, fitness happens at the gym (and you don’t need a gym).

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I love to do yoga in nature. (outside).

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I like @Pachy walk 2 miles a day. Sans the brisk part.

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@crushingandreaming So do I! My wife and I will go out on our deck on weekend mornings and do a practice and on vacation we will go out on the pier or on the beach and do a routine. I find it so much more relaxing to do it out in the fresh air with the peaceful nature sounds all around.

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Yes me too, but I love to do it with no shoes on and yoga pants and a top.

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I walk about 30–60 minutes during my lunch break at work. At the weekends I try to get out for a hike but it doesn’t always happen. I came to the conclusion a couple of years ago that if I am going to exercise, I need to do something that I can do everyday and that I like it. I used to cycle to work which fulfilled these criteria but now live 25 miles from work. I tried running, exercise classes, and going to the gym but they didn’t last long. Failed on the liking it part. So now I just walk. Sometimes it’s a brisk walk and I do about 3 miles, sometimes it’s a brisk walk to the shops and back with a bit of a potter round in the middle and I do about 1 mile. I don’t fret about not getting enough as I always get the recommended 30 minutes a day.

I’ve been looking at the evidence and it seems that if you are looking for the health benefits that come from exercise, you are marginally better off walking than running. Of course you won’t be as fit if you don’t run (but you will be as healthy, but with out the wear and tear on your joints).

I feel as good as I did when i cycled 16 miles a day

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I have walked for years, was up to 3 miles a day and 5 miles once a week for years and years but now have fallen off the walking wagon again the last month after several months of doing about a 2 mile walk to ramp up my condition again.
I have many awesome trails in my foothill/mountain community, 2 walking/bike/horse trails, countless river trails and various other wilderness loops.
Walking is one of the best, low impact exercises.

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Right now with all the snow I snowshoe about half an hour to an hour a day with my dog. My current job as a dogsled handler also gets me tons of exercise. When the ground is clear we hike. I also kayak and mountain bike in the warmer months.

I’d love to be a runner too, but I’ve always had a terrible time doing it because I have pronated hips, flat feet, and bad knees – so the lower-impact stuff works best.

@livelaughlove21 Hiking is a fantastic full body workout, especially if you use trekking poles (cheapos from Goodwill are great to get started). And you know that awesome cardio high? Try it at altitude and you’ll be hooked forever. Not to mention the whole glory of nature thing.

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@wildpotato I’ve never really had the opportunity to hike. I don’t know a single person that would want to go with me – my husband would say hiking for pleasure sounds more like torture. He lifts weights, but cardio isn’t his thing. We vacationed last year in the Smokies. Quite possibly the most boring vacation ever, but I didn’t even consider hiking until afterward. I’d just hate to waste perfectly good vacation time exercising. I’m more of an amusement park type of vacationer, but I’d like to hike one day just to say I have.

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I do a serious exercise unit every other day now, having modified my knee-replacement therapy routine several weeks ago. (On the odd days, I do a mini routine without the treadmill.)

I lie on a heating pad for 10 minutes, then do lower back and knee stretches, use small weights for strengthening legs, arms and core, and do some standing posture and balance work. Then it’s on to the treadmill for 30 minutes. I hope to increase that soon to my pre-surgery 45 minutes at a faster pace, but I have to increase both speed and distance slowly.

I am hoping to start walking outside when and if the weather ever gets nicer.

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@livelaughlove21 Humans are overrated. Take your hyper little puppy girl! She’ll love it and will get all her energy out. (Hope she’s feeling all better from the gum incident).

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@wildpotato It would have to be a short hike because of her hips. And the car ride to the mountains with her would be awful for both of us. Too bad I don’t live closer to any hiking trails. There is a tiny one she could do that’s really close, but I don’t think they allow dogs. Go figure.

And thanks! Yes, she’s fine now. :)

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I walk on my lunch hour and after work, then weekends I do all kinds of things, like walk the swap meets, or swim in the rivers/ lakes/ pool, I run with the neighbor kids, or go floating, whatever works. I always gain about 15lbs in winter, it sucks.

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I cycle in the summer and walk in the winter but not to any regular pattern.

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5 days a week I walk/jog 3.3 miles. I heard it doesn’t matter whether you run three miles or walk three miles, three miles is three miles and the energy used is the same it’s just either intense over a shorter period of time or spread out over a longer period of time. Makes sense but correct me if I’m wrong!

How has it helped me? It helps my psyche. I feel like my blood flows better through the rest of the day. Overall better mood. Less prone to anger and if I do get angry it goes away faster. yea..

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I do a couple of hours dog walking a day. It’s not specifically to keep fit as it’s part of my job but I am glad that I don’t have to feel guilty for not going to the gym anymore!

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I zumba regularly, usually 3 times a week, sometimes 4.

I used to swim or do water aerobics regularly, but I haven’t in six months.

I consider cleaning the house part of my regular exercise.

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Yes. 5 times a week for strength training.
A typical routine might be:
Front Squats-15×1
Push Press-15×1

I hardly do cardio anymore because I do a lot of walking these days. As for the benefits, my posture has improved, my grip strength is amazing, and I’m able to help more. It has also given me a distinct distaste for weakness.

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@Michael_Huntington What’s a front squat? And is a push press the same as a bench press?

And you know damn well that grip strength isn’t due to your workouts. ;)

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@Michael_Huntington Gotcha. I just heard those called a weighted squat and a power press.

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Don’t forget to walk backwards up hills too…excellent for the upper thighs.

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^^^ Sideways as well.

@Michael_Huntington: The knees, the knees. What happens to them in 20 years?

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I go to gym several times per week like 2–3, I do cardio and I lift weight as well

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I used to walk the track, 16 times around = 4 miles in an hour. I can also walk the stores or mall for hours at a stretch LOL. I would love to take up yoga. I am also considering starting up the walking routine again, now that the weather is perfect.

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