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Are you selfish?

Asked by 2late2be (2286points) June 30th, 2008 from iPhone

I mean, if you suddenly won let’s say $100,000 what would you do first? I think that if I won that money, I would give my mom first some of it, obviously I would get some stuff that I really want for me, like a mac book pro, LOL, but i used to think I was too selfish, I found out that I’m not, whenever I get some money, I like to buy my mom or sister something they want, then I can get something for me… So, are you selfish?

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LOL!! At least you’re honest!!

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I think you stop being selfish when you have children. That doesn’t mean you don’t still want and do for yourself :-)

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1. Macbook Pro for me.
2. $2,300 to the Obama campaign (the legal maximum).
3. Some to assorted political action groups, namely the Human Rights Campaign and Equality Ohio.
4. Some to charities and educational groups, namely the Red Cross, United Way, and HOBY.
5. The rest in a nice, fruitful CD.

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I’m not sure if I’m selfish so much as just.. really stingy. :)

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4 dollar tip per drink to bartenders. Actually donate to NPR. The rest would keep me under a roof if I get old. 100,000 doesn’t seem like much. Give me some real money and I will help others be selfish.

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I would invest 80,000 of it.

The rest I would travel everywhere with. And pay for the best one-on-one oral communication classes in Italy I could find.

I would probably also pay off my parents ridiculous outstanding medical bills.

So to answer the question of selfishness, yes and no.

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everyone is driven by selfish motives

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