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Which internet company do you prefer, Verizon or Comcast?

Asked by J0ker (41points) June 30th, 2009

I have Verizon right now and i ABSOLUTLY HATE IT and I’m trying to get my mom to switch to comcast so thanks.

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We’ve always used Comcast. Other than being an insanely expensive monopoly. I hate going to their locations, and avoid it at all cost. They get you with all these “six months at 19.99!” then they jack it up to 120/month. Not cool.
I’ve had verizon only for phone service. Couldn’t stand them.

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None of the mainstream providers are going to be very much different.
Comcast was my ISP and I had outages that lasted for days over the span of 6 months because they didn’t want to send anyone out to do the wiring work that needed to be done on my building.

These are all really large companies and are going to display profound levels of dysfunction which will affect the customer negatively, repeatedly.

Go into the situation understand that any big ISP is going to give you some headaches and try to be patient.

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I have Verizon. It’s nothing great, but it works fine for me.

What do you hate about it? The collective will be better able to assist you if we know the problems you’re having and what your needs are.

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Actually, I used NetZero for quite a while with few problems, although it isn’t good for downloaded large files. Now I use Grande for my business and Clearwire for home. My father swears by Earthlink.

I would avoid Roadrunner like the plague. That is Time-Warner and we switched to get away from them as have a number of other friends and relatives.

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We’ve got cocks Cox Communications.

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I don’t think we have a choice for cable. We have Comcast with the TV, computer, and telephone all in one. My son works for Comcast.

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We have Time Warner for all our cable and internet needs. It works great and it’s pretty cheap.

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Go to DirectTV. I wouldn’t have cable if they were giving it away.

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Internet company??? Oh, sorry…thought you were talking about…oh, never mind. Ignore my post. :-(

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Comcast’s highest tier (12M) is significantly faster than Verizon’s hightest (3M). I can use Bittorrent and still play Xbox at the same time. However, Comcast recently introduced their “250GB Bandwidth Cap”. But if you don’t know what the means, don’t worry about it.

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