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If an evil villain took over the world, enslaved humanity, or blew it up, what could he possibly do next?

Asked by jcs007 (1770points) June 30th, 2008

We all hear about these evil villains doing evil things. But what happens after that?

If you take over the world, you’ve accomplished your lifelong goal. I mean, how much more power do you need to satisfy yourself?

If you enslave humanity, what would you want to do next? Build an evil army? Take over other planets? Over the universe???

What about blowing it up? You’d die too, ya know. Seriously, what’s the point of annihilating your home planet?

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Evil for the sake of evil. That’s all I need. I mean, if I were an evil villain. Which I’m not.

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nipple twist

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Dude, pass the bong…

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I want what your on. Let me get your number

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If you had all of that power, you could do whatever you want with it.
think about it. the same question was probably put forth to the egyptians.
so what did they do?
great pyramids.

eventually, you’ll get overthrown. but why not give the earth some memories while you’re there? make it so history remembers you as great, even if you’re evil.

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Dude, I said, pass the bong to me, not skwer188! Don’t make me mad!

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get your own, mooch.

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Use a giant laser to etch his name into the moon.


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Learn a painful life lesson.

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