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What Super villain would you be or what kind of villain (and please no secretly good/being a villain for the greater good)?

Asked by King_Pariah (11461points) October 3rd, 2011

At the request of another jelly, what (super) villain would you be?

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Saruman from the Lord of the Rings.

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Thanks King!

I’ll go with Magneto.

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If I told you I would blow my Secret Identity.

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I can’t play then because what you said is EXACTLY the super villian that I would be. Like a pissed off Robin Hood… Like reverse hacker, *Put’s money INTO random peoples bank accounts…

Or Ty Pennington… or errr, something?

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Dick Cheney.
Or, the Joker.

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@Blackberry You’re too good lookin to be Dick… Go for Joker. Although a hot Dick Cheney may be a very bad adversary indeed strange and confusing man, or anamoly man? or a better one… The ContraDICKtion… Hmmm, *Hand to chin in thought… I dunno now??

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@GabrielsLamb Yeah, I’d just have to put on makeup then.

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I’d be Sauron and partner with Kate

GabrielsLamb's avatar

@Blackberry Deffinately the ContraDICKtion… That rocks!

talljasperman's avatar

Dr. Doom or the Jokers sidekick harley quinn.

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I have always identified with Floop, from the first Spy Kids movie.

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I’d be a very sexy, worldly hit-woman with a lot of money. I would conceal my identity under a lovely visage and a seductive Eastern European accent.

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@thesparrow you would be Uma Thurman in Kill Bill?

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I’d be the kind of utterly useless villain that they’d put in comics when they ran out of anything good, like The Chameleon or The Riddler.

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I’d be just like The Joker, but I’d win in the end. ;)

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@King_Pariah she was a professional assassin, can’t get much more villainous. Just because the rest of them were worse, doesn’t make her not one.

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Hey, assassins are good people just doing their job… at the expense of others… kind of like lawyers…

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Pauly Walnuts

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Al Davis.

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Michael Myers. When some fucker would try to shoot me with a rifle, I’d quickly grab it out of his hand…and then throw the rifle on the floor, and proceed to kill him through strangulation.
That’s how epic this guy is! :D

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They would call me Hot Glue Man. I would have the ability to shoot hot glue from my index fingertips and I would be immune to heat. I would commit crimes such as scalding people with sticky hot glue. Id rob banks and also stick things together. I could climb straight up walls with my sticky super power. My weakness is ice cubes. I would be part of a super villain trio that would consist of myself, Dr. Scissors, and The Stapler.

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Apathyman! Whenever I saw a child or elderly person in some form of mild distress i’d look away with an arrogant smirk written all over my face. Oh look, it seems a frail old lady has dropped her shopping in the street & there’s no one around to help!! “Pah, struggle on oh decrepit one, for I am apathetic to your plight.” Ooh, what a mean bastard!!

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@ucme Haha! “Help! A hurricane has taken everything we know dear to our hearts!”

“Yeah…we’ve heard….”

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In case anyone was wondering, this is Floop.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard I’m seein next year’s Halloween costume! Can I be a Foogly?

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@redfeather you’d be the prettiest Foogly I’d ever seen.

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Spider-Carnage is closer to my ideal evil personality.

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