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What became of Adolf Hitler's family?

Asked by AstroChuck (37555points) June 30th, 2008 from iPhone

I know that he had a sister who outlived him. He had to have cousins. So what happened to the Hitler family name? Did his relatives have it changed after the war? (I certainly would) Are they in hiding? Are they still in Germany? Were they harassed? There must be some family of his still around someplace.

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I saw a thing on the History Channel about this very topic. Unfortunately (and unsurprisingly) I was drunk so I don’t remember the details. One of the siblings did come to New York and lived there until he died. He had his name changed. That is about all I remember. I think he had children. So there could be some Hitler DNA floating around out there.

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I believe they changed their name to Bush and moved to America.

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@ chris – great answer

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Um, Chris6137 (and PnL), I am by no means a Bush lover, but history shows that you would have been closer to the mark if you had said Kennedy.

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shilolo- I guess you aren’t familiar with Prescott Bush and his ties to the Nazis.
JP- I don’t think AH had a living brother when he commited suicide. I only know of a sister and have no idea what became of her.

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Hitler had no children.
His nephew, however, is who I believe JP was referring to. William Patrick Hitler, the nephew, moved to New York and changed his name to William Patrick Stuart-Houston and lived into the late 1980s. His sister, Paula Hitler, died in the 1960s in Germany.
And for those interested, here is Adolf’s family tree.

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Um, Astrochuck, I am aware of Prescott Bush’s associations with Germany, but, while his hands aren’t clean, he wasn’t a Hitler sympathizer like Kennedy. More likely, he participated in some profiteering, which, despicable in its own right, was no different than a lot of people at the time.

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lefteh is right. I was referring to the nephew.

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Damn Lefteh, you are one resourceful dude. You dig up some amazing stuff.

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I second what Trustinglife said.

Nice one, Lefteh.

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I remember hearing on some Discovery or History channel (aka “egyptians and nazis channel”) show that the current living relatives have vowed to let the blood line die with them – found this stating the same. There’s probably a better link, but I have to start work now…

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Not just the elder Kennedy, but also Henry Ford was poisoned by this evil.

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the only thing i know is that him and his wife killed themselves.

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I am of german heritage first of all and do not take kindly to this insult to my family…...just kidding they were burned in gas chambers following the quota “Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you” well they should have been anyway…

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“I am of german heritage first of all and do not take kindly to this insult to my family”

Hitler wasn’t of German heritage.

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