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What did you think of the movie "Watchmen", and do you agree with this article?

Asked by filmfann (52264points) March 3rd, 2014

Director Zack Snyder claims that The Watchmen was a satire, and that he made the movie to prevent Terry Gilliam from ruining it.
What do you think?

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Zack Snyder does not know the meaning of the word Satire, much less how to make one.
That said, I have never, ahem, watched watchmen.

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The movie was good.

I have watched several Zach Snyder movies, and I will go on record. He is a nice guy with good taste who loses the thread of the things he admires.

Zach Snyder is gonna make an amazing Watchmen Movie. He will make it as close as he possibly can to the original. He does this with no imagination. Which kinda spoils everything, because he starts with works of amazing imagination.

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I can go either way. There have been a lot of comic book movies that have been homages to the original comic writer and series and have been really fun to watch yet take no real creative chances other than modern special effects.

I am a huge Gilliam fan and would have been first in line to see his take on the Watchman story…that would have been wicked and creative.

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I am also a huge Gilliam fan, and would still be interested in this story done by him.

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I’m a HUGE Gilliam fan but I gotta admit, his proposed ending sounded like shit. That said, Synder’s version was pretty horrible as well.

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I have not seen the movie.

Someone insulting Terry Gilliam is enough reason for me to never watch it.

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As I have also not read the Graphic Novels, the articles are basically meaningless to me.

I should ask my husband what he thinks. He’s read the comics and enjoyed them, and is also a huge Gilliam fan.

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I read the GN before seeing the movie, and while I was glad they changed the ending, which was a rip off of “The Outer Limits”, I wasn’t happy with the result.

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Haven’t read the comic book. Woe unto me I know. Bit of a blessing though since I didn’t have to compare it with the movie. Which I find to be very good. Good direction, pacing, music, editing, visuals etc. Hell of a thing to watch in Blu-ray with surround sound.

Now having said all that, I would like to announce that I hate Snyder for ruining Superman with his MOS bullcrap-! LOL

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