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Do you still believe in the infallibility of the Pope after he drops the F-bomb?

Asked by filmfann (52298points) March 3rd, 2014

The Pope accidentally mispronounced a word during his Sunday blessing, and ended up saying the Italian word that is the F-bomb.
Can he still claim to be infallible?

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Why not? The claim of infallibilty depends only on people believing the claim and not on any rational job description. 199 cardinals vote, and the winner is proclaimed the new infallible one, no matter who wins the election.

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I don’t know that much about Catholicism, does the Pope really think he is infallible? I’m a Baptist and we know man is fallible.

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When I swore in Catholic school Grade 1 I had to drink and swallow soap… he should be held to a higher standard.

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He was delivering a sermon in Italian; his native tongue is Spanish. He may have mispronounced a word. It is trivial. “It’s a simple mistake made by a foreigner reading Italian, nothing more,” one commenter wrote online.

“Caso” vs. “cazzo.”

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No human I infallible and I am impressed at just how humble this Pope is and would expect him to be the first to point out he is far from infallible. Just another example of a desperate media hungry to knock anyone in power off their pedestals.

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The Pope himself is not considered to be infallible, I believe there are certain decrees he makes that are considered infallible. I can’t remember what they’re called.
edit: speaking ex cathedra

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For a teaching by a pope or ecumenical council to be recognized as infallible, the teaching must be a decision of the supreme teaching authority of the Church (pope or College of Bishops); it must concern a doctrine of faith or morals; it must bind the universal Church; and it must be proposed as something to be held firmly and immutably. The terminology of a definitive decree will usually make clear that this last condition is fulfilled, as through a formula such as “By the authority of Our Lord Jesus Christ and of the Blessed Apostles Peter and Paul, and by Our own authority, We declare, pronounce and define the doctrine . . . to be revealed by God and as such to be firmly and immutably held by all the faithful”, or through an accompanying anathema stating that anyone who deliberately dissents is outside the Catholic Church.

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The college of Bishops has the same power of infallibility. I’m sure some of them have used the “c” word before, as well.

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Really? Surely you jest?
Sooo..the time I greeted some customers with a freudian slip and asked.. ” and how are you fucks today”....does this mean I have lost all credibility as Coloma the sincere?

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What @Seek said. This is just another one of those things that the media blow out of proportion.

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I LoVe this. This guy is going down in history as one of the coolest guys ever.

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Pfft. Guy lets out a swear word and all of a sudden, all Hell breaks loose. Methinks God has bigger shit to fry up in this bitch than some guy who said fuck.

What about Obama when he fucked up the speech upon becoming president, and had to repeat a part of it? but Obama is probably Satan anyways

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@Judi nailed it.

But I’ve never even believed he was infallible in any way whatsoever so this is certainly no biggie.

And I think he’s terrific. He actually tries to set an example and live by what he preaches. Quite a novel idea in this day and age.

I’m sure he makes the hierarchy nervous. That’s a good thing.

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Pales in comparison when you realise an alterboy was performing felatio neath the papal robes at that precise moment. If you look closely his whoreliness closes one eye & let’s out a barely audible gasp.

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I am not Catholic but I don’t think of the Pope as anything other than a symbol for Catholics. I do think of all the Popes, this one seems to be the most progressive, which is good. Hopefully it takes the Catholic church in a new direction.

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Catholic doctrine does not teach that the Pope is infallible. This has got to be one of the most misinterpreted religious concepts in the world. Kudos to @Judi and @Seek_Kolinahr for their answers.

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Oops! I totally missed @Judi‘s response. Sorry!
What @judi said. The Pope isn’t infallible 24/7.

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I think it’s kind of funny, it’s not like he did it on purpose. :)

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He simply mispronounced a word in a foreign language. Most facets of Christianity are completely founded upon the fact that all humans, religious or not, are fallible. I’m a non religious deist type, but even I agree with this concept.

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The Pope is Fu…er…Forgiven…heh heh :)

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@gailcalled It gets even more complicated than that. Francis is the son of Italian immigrants and his first language—the language he spoke in his childhood home—was Italian. He picked up Spanish when he started school in Argentina. I sometimes mix Swedish with Spanish and English when I’m tired, as I’m sure you do with English and French.

The infallability thing? Touchy subject. I thought these guys tacitly grew out of all that around the time they replaced the Vatican Astrologer with an Official Astronomer, but the last pope—conservative old Ben (I like to call him Ratzo)—had the Church’s most distinguished theologian, Hans Küng, forever muted for writing a paper questioning the pope’s infallability. The top theologian in the Catholic Church can’t teach theology in Catholic institutions. Poor bastard’s almost ninety years old now and relegated to guest-speaking at seedy secular sinkholes like Harvard, Upsala, and Goettingen. Ben and Hans go way back, too. They were roomies at the Pontifical Gregorian University in their salad days (when Ben was still Joe). So much for old school ties.

~ Catholica Romana Minutiis brought to you by Insufferable Insomnia.

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@Espiritus_Corvus: Having read that perfect little essay, instead of seeing Rome, I can just die happy here. (Or do I mean Naples?)

My middle-step son got a M. Div at Harvard. I’ll have to ask him about Hans Küng.

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I didn’t know you had a theologian in the family.

That must come in handy at times ;)

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@Buttonstc I have two. it doesn’t. I’d rather have a plumber.

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What I believe in is PRECISE speech

You are talking about IMPECCABILITY and not about INFALLIBILITY
The Pope is certainly not IMPECCABLE

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