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Is anyone else going to watchmen tonight?

Asked by shockvalue (5800points) March 5th, 2009

Bonus: Are you dressing up?

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I bought my ticket thirty-five minutes ago.

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Got my tickets for 12:10, going with my roommate and neighbors. High of course.

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I bought a ticket and have been reading it all week to get ready. But, alas, I am a high school student, and my parents decided tonight wasn’t a good night to stay out that late.

Sweet, I love wasting ten bucks :(

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i just got home watching it, it was fcking awesome !

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Not tonite, but I do have IMAX tickets for tomorrow. I can’t wait!

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IMAX bad move, only some scenes in IMAX mean watching nice big scenes, then reverting back to the wide screen. sucks2beyou.

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It’s fucking awesome enjoy!! I will working it.

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ill wait to the dvd comes out, ive read the graphic novel, i recomedn people to go see it

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Holy ****.

You guys NEED to go see it.


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12 more hours!

It was That good?

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Well, I’ve been an avid fan of the Graphic Novel for quite a while now, so in short: NO

But It was a million times better than anything I could have fathomed Hollywood to come up with. The discrepancies in the ending irked me, but it was really impressive as a standalone. I highly recommend it.

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In comparison to the book, it was pretty good.

As it’s own movie, OMGWTFBBQ AWESOME.

I have no further comments.

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Hey that’s on in sunny old Perth, Western Australia, today even .
It be on at Imax but i’ve no idea what it’s about? Is it some sort of animation?

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I haven’t seen it for ages but I do remember thinking that it was one of the best graphic novel – movie transfers i’ve seen. It follows the original story very faithfully, which is both a good and a bad thing in that it’s nice to see that second rate hollywood writers haven’t fucked about with the story because they think they know better, but that does mean that there are no surprises if you’ve read the comic. All in all, good acting, good fx and photography so definitely one to watch xx

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