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What exactly is pronation therapy?

Asked by newth (46points) March 4th, 2014

I’ve heard that patients who have problems with their breathing (and can’t breathe on their own) may have the fluid in their lungs relieved this way. Can anyone elaborate more on the procedure and what other benefits there are from it? Thanks.

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Pronation, I’ve always understood, has to do with the feet, When the foot is pronated, it allows for maximal mobility of joints in the mid-and forefoot; when it’s not pronated, pronation therapy is a series of exercises that helps re-align them. I did a quick search and didn’t see the word pronation related to breathing.

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Evidently it also refers to treating people with acute respiratory distress.

But it carries risks with it to both patients and caregivers.

I’m not a Doctor. Hopefully one of Fluthers resident medical folks will weigh in with more specific info.

But, you really need to discuss this with your MD in real life.

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Pronation can also refer to the hands (if you have you arm by your side with palm towards you and you turn it away from you that’s pronation.

No idea how it would help your breathing though.

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