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Can Fluther open a TEEN FLUTHER CRUSH section for younger jellies to discuss their love issues?

Asked by ZEPHYRA (20162points) March 5th, 2014

How about another section for those cute questions? Would it be feasible?

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I like the idea, but I don’t think it’s possible to add these things at this time.

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And Dr. Jelly will be drown in tons of “Does it mean he/she likes me?” and “what does it mean to dream about my crush?” I get tired of having to see these questions. They either have too obvious answers or absolutely no answers at all.

I don’t think it’s necessary. If someone want to discuss love issues, posting questions in general or social is fine.

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@AshLeigh and @Mimishu1995: I get the feeling the OP asked this question facetiously.

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Or questions with a barely concealed hidden agenda, they could be placed in a section titled Yawn

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I think a Kiddie Tide Pool would be a great idea.

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this is unfair cause evryone was once in there lives a teen you may not remember cause your too old but teens have problems too. i dont know what u mean feasible. i have loads of stuff with my mom she hates me and my bf cause she is jealos that isnot my fault u dont know me or my mom so just stfu.

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@longgone Lighten up! Don’t get your undies in a bunch over this as most comments here are tongue in cheek and plus if they did make a section for teenage crush questions then they would also have to make an AARP section for me to park my over 50 geriatric questions.

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@longgone than its unfair 2 dat only teens have a separated sec 4 discussin ther own probs. we the more matured need some 2. i suggest we create a lot of specific sec 4 evryone who need such as tech sec health sec or law sec when u need 2 ask a specific kind of question u only have to search 4 the sec u want than ask if questions r ask in the wrong sec the mod will clean it. beside teens have a lot more probs other than just <3 like homwrk or family so we should create more teen sec 2. it feel unfair 2 just have <3 sec 4 teen while they need than just <3

I laugh so hard at your comment :D But I guess a new immature jelly will think like that. Thanks for speaking up their mind.

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Facetious or not, I’m going to answer the question asked.

I know Fluther won’t be undergoing any changes, but I think it would be helpful to have categories (not just tags) for questions – Tech Questions, Relationship Questions, Just for Fun, etc. However, I don’t think we’re active enough for that to really be feasible. It would sort of change the whole layout of the site. I don’t really see a huge problem with how it’s set up now. It’s easy to avoid the “Does he/she like me?” questions if one hates them so much. I don’t think they need their own category.

@Cruiser I believe @longgone was kidding. I think.

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Well…if so then I want a ” Boomer bullshit” section where us middle agers can bitch about middle aged things like lack of retirement funds and stiff joints and having to go pee 7 times a night. lolol

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@livelaughlove21 People in my experience do not use “stfu” when they are kidding but I could be wrong as I usually am in interpreting peoples intentions in statements like that

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I think a more realistic goal is changing the main page to be the Social section rather than the General section. I think that would better match the current atmosphere of this site.

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But that’d be a generalization. I swear I don’t care about all that gushy love sh*t.

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Oh, sure, exclude me again. I’m not a teen or a geriatric… I have years before my mid-life crisis, but I’m getting to old for the clubs. What special section would I get?
Maybe a “prime time” section.

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I don’t know, but loving the idea though.

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Kidding, very much so!

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I ‘d like a section where spellcheck must be used before posting questions and answers. Not that my grammar is perfect but some posts are almost impossible to understand.

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Easily understoon questions
Garbled questions

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I always thought it would be cool if we had all sorts of sections here like they do over at AssBag. Thing is, it’s pretty pointless actually, since the social section allows anything and everything. Adding a section for teens probably wouldn’t help very much. If people do not currently answer these, or make smart ass comments in them, then they would do the same even if we had a section for it.

I do wonder why those questions pop up a lot. Not because I don’t understand relationship or dream questions, but because there are many places online to go for this stuff. Why Fluther? I like dream meanings, I find them fun. I don’t believe in it but they’re fun to look up. I have a slew of sites I can go to for dream interpretation, and books here at home to look up. You’ll never see me ask a dream question here. :/

But this was about relationship questions, not dream ones…still, might as well forget the section for now, as nothing is happening to Fluther. This is undetermined, and I predict that until it shuts down, no changes here will be made, ever.

@gailcalled Lol, understoon :p

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Again, there are a number of ways you can scroll past questions that don’t interest you (mouse pad, mouse wheel, scrollbars, etc). And you’d be surprised how few times you’ll get penalized here for not answering a question. It’s not a requirement.

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Do we really want to invite more of those questions?

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@Symbolinr: I appear to be cursed today. The “d” and the “n” aren’t even close to each other.

edit; “understood.”

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Yeah that’s what I told myself haha, I checked the D and N and thought maybe you went on the wrong button until I saw that they’re not next to one another haha.

Also…Symbolinr? ...

That sounds so Viking. I like it. Lol. :)

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However,“r” and “e” are adjacent.

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But E and O aren’t. :p

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Skilking away to my tent. Milo suggests cocoa, a nap and then a fresh start.

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I’m gonna go take a nap too. Not because I’m particularly tired, but just because it will be soft.

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@Symbeline: Have you cast the evil eye on me? Edit; skulking and not skilking._

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I cast the Skull King Kurse. :D

But that nap should have cleared it.

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Love the idea!!! I’ll chip in to get it done.

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I think a teen section is a brilliant idea and would surely breath new life into Fluther.

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if (strpos($str, ‘crush’) !== FALSE)
echo ‘Yahoo Answers’;
echo “Ask Away”;

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^^I don’t speak Javascript.

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@johnpowell hahaha! I understand. Send all of them to Yahoo! Answer for me!

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PHP wanker.

And a dream crush Q was just deleted!! w00t.

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@johnpowell Dr. Jelly just won another battle!

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