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Will a Nintendo Wii bought in Canada work in the UK?

Asked by davefp (7points) July 11th, 2007

I have a Nintendo Wii that I bought here in Canada that I would (ideally) like to take with me when I move to the UK next year. I know I will be able to buy a power adapter for it but I don't know if the different TV format will cause problems. Also, will games bought in Canada work on a Wii bought in the UK?

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I doubt it will work. I could be very wrong though. Games should work fine. Games from the US play on my UK DS console.

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Nope Tennis5tar you're right the Wii is region coded so it will only play games from where you got the system e.g. U.S. and U.S. Games. The DS is not region coded so you're able to play games from Japan or Europe.

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The system will definitely work - i know this for a fact because we took an xbox from the us for a cousin in germany and the system worked. However the games will not work because games in the use are coded in NTSC format whereas games sold in the UK are in PAL format. the only way you can play games on the wii is if you take games from the US to play there. OR do what my cousin did - he modded his xbox to run all types of games .

Also, remember that people in UK hae a different volt setting so you will need a power converter to run the wii in the first place.

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the system will work with the proper outlet but the games should come from the same place you bought the console

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Not sure about the games… but be careful with the voltage. I fried a set of Canadian bought speakers when I plugged them into an outlet in Thailand. Look up the voltage on the box of the WII. If it says “125–250V” or “Dual Voltage”, you’re OK. If it just says “125K” DON’T PLUG IT IN! You’ll burn your wee wee to a crisp.

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