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What are the requirements for a small business website?

Asked by webhostinginindia (1points) March 10th, 2014

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When you are making a website for a small business, you should ask yourself these questions: Who is your company? Who will your customers be? How will you let your customers know who you are, and what you are about? Once you have addressed these questions you create a strategy for your website, which will help to make it much more successful.

Do not overlook these questions, because they can give you a key strategy when you are making marketing decisions, building customer loyalty, and creating a brand for yourself. Writing copy is one of the most important parts of your business website. You can have a great looking website, that is easy to navigate, but if the text on your site does not properly communicate with visitors, they are likely to go somewhere else for services and goods. You should never use too much jargon, or technical language, when you are writing copy for your website.

However, your website has to have a high level of usability as well as looking great, if your visitors are expected to use it. If you have a site which is hard to navigate, and your information difficult to sift through, people are likely to simply click away to a better made site.

You do not want to lose your customers to competitors just because you have a poorly made website, do you? This article will address some of the key areas that you should consider when you are either making your website, or having it built by a designer.

Every website has things, which could be improved upon, and this is the same for small business sites. Printed advertisements and phone books were the tools for communication is years gone by, but having a strong online presence is very important today.

Small business owners must use websites appropriately if they are going to be able to compete with larger companies. You should not take the creation of your company’s websites lightly, because it can get you a lot of customers if done well. The look of your website is not the most important thing that you should be worried about. Sure, an attractive website is pleasing to the eye, and shows people that you have the money to spend hiring a great designer.

This will only serve to alienate your visitors. Rather, you should use conversational language and speak with the active voice, so that you can direct your customers appropriately. Act as though you are talking to a person face to face, and you will be able to create the copy that reaches out to readers. You should be able to read your marketing copy to a child who is in school, and they should understand what you are trying to convey. If you use rich language, with too many large words, you are probably going to turn your potential customers away. If you read your copy to someone, and they do not understand, you will probably have to explain things to them. What did you have to add so they understood? This should be added to your copy before you publish it.

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