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Do you have a good April Fool's Day gag?

Asked by GloPro (8404points) March 10th, 2014 from iPhone

Since none of us share Fluther with people we know, I thought this would be a great place to brainstorm April Fool’s Day ideas. We can compare notes later, too!

Here is an idea I stumbled on and love. I am going to do this to my neighbor. She’ll get it when she opens the door to go to work that morning. I’m planning half helium, half lung air. I can’t wait!

What ideas do you have? What have you done before? Who do you play your jokes on? Have any of them backfired on you?

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Some good ones here

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fake your own death. Buy one of those fake plastic knives in a joke shop and put it on your back.
Be generous with the beet root juice.
And when your little kid comes home… Marvelous.

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Nope, just the regular old rag ball and duct tape I use every other day of the year.

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Fake someone else’s death. Cover your hands, face and clothes in blood (don’t use beetroot juice—you can get real blood from the butcher’s shop.) Knock on your neighbour’s door looking half-mad and wild-eyed, and say that you’ve just murdered someone.

Make sure their kids are home.

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Nope. I don’t like practical jokes or gags.

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@Kropotkin Woah. You just made me feel amateur with my silly balloon gag. Way to step it up a notch. I hope we’re never neighbors.

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An April Fool ploy I came up last April: hide the keys to all the door of my house somewhere only I know, lock all the doors (make sure everyone is at home), then go outside, lock the main door, and call out: “Mom! Dad! There are police who have orders to search our house. They say there’s a [some dangerous bullshit] hiding somewhere in our house and he’s armed and very dangerous! They told you to open the door or we’ll be charged for helping him or he will kill all of us!”

Imagine the face of my parents when they can’t find the keys :D

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I have never been into AFD as a holiday since I became an adult. I have seen too many people acting too stupidly in the name of this ‘holiday’.

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The Top 100 Hoaxes of All Time

This is hilarious. These are all pranks that were pulled on thousands of people via media outlets. The oldest one I saw was from an almanac published in 1709. One of my favorites for Jellies is #7… When Alabama decided to change the value of Pi (3.14….) to 3.0 for “Biblical Value.” Alabama’s legislature got hundreds of calls protesting the move. Hahaha!

I wish companies still had a sense of humor like these depict. Burger King bought a full page ad in USA Today to announce a new menu item: the left-handed Whopper. All ingredients were rotated 180 degrees to accommodate the lefties. Apparently several thousand people ordered one! Hahaha!

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I would not recommend doing that in the colonies. Chances are, the neighbour will shoot you on sight.

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@ragingloli It’s time to send the redcoats over and reclaim the lands from those rebels!

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Telling your husband/boyfriend you wrecked his car is always good for theatrics. lol

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@GloPro Haha….I want a left handed Whopper.

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A few years ago I came home from work. Went to get a drink of water. Turned the faucet on….and got sprayed in the face. Son had taped the handle on the sprayer down! It’s OK. He wound up with corn flakes in his short-sheeted bed that night!

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I can’t believe I did that. I just accidentally squirted myself in the face with the sprayer! I have water dripping down my face. Humph.

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Take the drawers out of a dresser or a desk. Turn the desk or dresser up side down. Put drawers back in. Turn the whole thing right side up. When the victim opens a drawer, everything falls out.

For the April edition of my bicycle club’s newsletter, a prankster said that a mail order catalog had listed a titanium bike for sale for $400 instead of the usual $4000, and as a result lt would honor the price, but only if you called between 6 a.m and 7 a.m on April 1. A dozen people in our club called and then complained on the email list about the article, until someone pointed out that it was April 1. Then people were sheepish….

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Take all the labels off someone’s canned goods.

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I was fired from my job on April 1st of last year.
That same day I learned that my son and his wife were expecting a baby.
Very confusing day!

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@Dutchess_III I was dumped by my first love on April Fools. I didn’t see it coming and wasn’t sure if he was serious.

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I’m replacing a roommate’s iPod music with porn soundtracks. As he likes to blare his music with personal speakers when he goes to the gym and Tuesdays are gym days, well… (insert diabolical laughter here).

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How about this on infinite repeat?

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