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What's your criteria for awarding a Fluther answer, "Great Answer"?

Asked by Mimishu1995 (23390points) March 11th, 2014

Sorry @ibstubro for coping/pasting + rewording.

So in this thread we have already discussed the personal requirement of a GQ. So let’s move to another aspect of Fluther, the GA. What’s your criteria for a GA?

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I am risking exposing my naivety…but I just don’t know what a QA means or what criteria I should apply and just afraid to ask…

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Do you mean either GA or GQ?

QA is a bit confusing. What is it supposed to be the abbreviation for?

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@Buttonstc OMG I mistyped!
Sorry, the right word is GA (great answer). So sorry…

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I almost always give a GA and a GQ to a question answer! ;-)

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Basically anything that adds to the discussion. It’ll only get a GA if it’s relevant.

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Funny or I learn something.

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Psst, most of em tap the button for their “pals” like trained chimps only not as noisy.

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I give GA’s when the answer addresses the OP’s question, is informative and or clever. If I am attacked for my answer and someone comes to my defense, I go to their profile and give GA’s to all their answers.

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If I ask as question, traditionally I give everyone that participates a GA unless an answer appears mean spirited, totally off mark or overly repetitive.

On other questions, I give a lot of GA. Depends on my mood, though…sometimes I’m too tired or bored to read all the responses and I don’t think it’s fair to start in the middle and reward everyone from that point on. I’m less likely to reward whispers, because when I use that feature I don’t expect that everyone will read it.

There’s not a single member that’s participated since I’ve been here that I’ve not given a GA to. I’ll admit to having a half dozen favorites I seek out, but I honestly don’t have a corresponding “I refuse to reward this member” list. I can have words with another member and turn right around and give them a GA on another thread if they say something insightful or make me lol.

I know it sounds hokey, but I’m here on Fluther because I enjoy it, and I try to do what I think will strengthen the community.

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I GA if it’s a great answer, simple stuff.

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I hardly ever think to give GAs or GQs unless I really really like the answer or question. I do feel sort of obligated to give everyone that answers one of my questions a GA, perhaps to thank them for taking the time to answer, but I think that’s a bit ridiculous. I don’t care about lurve all that much.

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I think I have high standards, although it’s not really intentional. I just don’t think about it until I see something really impressive.

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Funny. Inspiring. Naughty.

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I denno. Here, GA to every fucker in this thread. :D

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It has to be very special to get a QA, however.

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I give a great answer if the poster said exactly what I was going to say, or if the response is even better than what I would say, or if the answer is extremely clever or gives great information.

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If the answer equals 1 plus the square root of 5 dived by 2 I award a GA.

I hope everybody is phine with that.

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I can’t stand an answer that is so partisan it’s not even worth reading. As soon as I read “Republicans are racists and haters of the poor”. As soon as I read how “Obama walks on water”. As soon as I read people bad mouthing Christians and making fun of the Bible I totally stop reading the post. These people don’t want a conversation, they want to stand on a soap box and rant.

I give “good answer” to a person who is giving an opinion without mocking people who have an opposite opinion. I have never met so many mean people until I went on line and dropped in on “some” social websites to read the posts. If real people in the real world were as mean and angry it would be a terrible place to live. What do I do? not get too involved with people on websites.

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@BeenThereSaidThat that’s Yahoo! Answer you described :)

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@BeenThereSaidThat That response surely isn’t partisan at all and surely isn’t meant to come from a soapbox either, right?

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@Mimishu1995 I’ve never been on Yahoo Answers.

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There is value in remaining in a discussion until the discussion focuses, then being the voice of reason, @BeenThereSaidThat.

If someone cannot tolerate an opposing point of view, Fluther is definitely not the place for them.

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I give it a GA if:
1) the answer is similar to the answer I was going to give.
2) the answer made me reevaluate my position.
3) the answer made me laugh.
4) the poster has less than 100 lurve. (I have over 1000 Wayne Greetzky’s)
5) the answer is on a question I posted. Everyone gets lurve.

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Not sure, but on my own threads if the entire question was answered they get a GA from me. For example: “Do you eat bananas? Why?”

“Yes, I eat bananas, in many different ways and I eat them because they are rich in potassium”.

NOW that is a GA!!

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I always GA everyone on Qs I ask since I appreciate that they took the time to write an answer.

I’ll also lurve a whole bunch of stuff. Like thought provoking or humorous answere. It doesn’t really matter if I agree with them or not.

And newbies get lurve just for the effort and to encourage them to stay. It really doesn’t matter how current the Q is. I rarely stop following Qs cuz I like seeing old ones pop up over and over again.

Unless someone is actively trying to be hateful or a douche, I’ll generally GA anything making a good faith effort to add to the discussion or add info.

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GA @Buttonstc!! Me too, and, of course, I’ve been criticized for that, too!

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Criticized? That’s kind of weird since lurve has no monetary value. Its only value lies in the good vibes it spreads. So, why not spread good vibes as liberally as possible?

Isn’t that a nice hippie-ish sentiment ? Stuck in the 70s. You, me, and Coloma :) if only we could go back in time. If we could subtract the Vietnam war that would be cooler yet.

The folk songs of that time are still one of my go-to stations on Pandora.

Anyone who finds fault with too much good vibrations is a real Scrooge. Booooo….


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—I’ve been told that my practice of awarding GA to everyone participating on my questions is annoying, @Buttonstc. I’m pretty sure I gave that comment a GA. lol Non-participation is the sincerest form of complaint. :)

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@ibstubro Someone told you that it was annoying that you give GA to people?

Wow, just what the fuck do people want around here lol.

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Yup, @Symbeline. I was told that giving a GA to everyone participating on my questions was ‘an annoying habit’. It didn’t slow me down, but, much like you, I was like, “WTF do people want around here???”

I was not a long-time regular at the time, which is even worse.

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Nobody can tell you how to lurve. Lurve is found deep within you.

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@dxs See, my heart is always filled with lurves

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“Lurve is found deep within you” That shit would be funny if it wasn’t so fucking pathetic

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I wasn’t being serious. I mean, I’m not a very romantic person.

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That’s okay then, sounded a little hippyish.

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I don’t think there’s anything wrong with being a cheap lurve whore!


RLR – Random lurve romance.

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And then there are the spontaneous GAs you give out without much thought. I call them lurve at first sight.

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Awwww. I lurve you like a brother, @dxs!

Incest, anyone?

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