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What kinds of questions do you avoid answering?

Asked by Mimishu1995 (14660points) February 7th, 2014

An alternative version of this question. Sorry @livelaughlove21 :(
This question may have been asked before, but right now I can’t seem to find a similar question to this. And now that there are more jellies, I would like to hear their opinion too.

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I don’t know, depends on my degree of mellowness. When I’m mellow, I’ll go easy. I can go for anything if I’m not so mellow.

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I avoid the game-like posts, such as TJBM #8753, because I’m just not that quick-witted.

I also avoid the political posts, because I am not well-versed in all the different pundits and their quotes, and the political process to be able to stand up in a debate.

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“What is the recipe for your mom’s lasagna” I will never give that up.

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Not many, I love controversial questions as they make me think. I am not too into debating just for argument sake that to me is too energy draining. I do love to hear how other people view things particularly if they have an open mind. I often shock myself about how I think about things if I am totally honest (with myself) about a question or a answer. To me, that is the fun of being here. It is a total journey of discovery. I do avoid subject matter that people are not open to thinking about (without emotion) like religion. As I said earlier my energy reserves are low so avoid it rather.

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Religious questions because I don’t feel accepted here as a theist. Game posts. Happy x number of lurve points. I just have no interest.

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@hug_of_war: I have to admit that I am not one for Lurve parties, either – and have said so many times – but it’s my party today, so I had to participate. Awkward!

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Sometimes really personal sex questions, because I feel like it’s too intrusive.

I also usually try to avoid, like the plague, any religion question and I am happy that there’s somewhat of a moratorium on certain types of religious questions. They seemed like an invitation to argue and I am not into arguing if I can avoid it, but nor am I into being “jumped on” or criticized for something that a website is not going to change my mind about.

I always keep in mind that even though I am anonymous on Fluther, there’s always the chance that one day, someone I work with or work for or someone in my “real” life might figure out who I am, and I would not want them going through my questions and answers and really learning about thoughts, opinions, criticisms, etc. that I don’t necessarily want out there. I am pretty open on Fluther, but there are some things I just hesitate about. I also try to avoid putting in certain details in my answers that might make it easy for someone to figure out who I am.

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I tend to avoid overtly religious and political questions because those lines are mostly drawn. I’m not looking to convert or be converted.

Generally, I try to avoid questions from members who are not able to ask coherent relationship question.

Obvious “teen” questions. Glord, it was so long since I was a teen, those standards have changed 5 times!

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I don’t go out of my way to avoid any type of question, that’s very closed minded.

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I’m very reluctant to wade into relationship questions, or family dispute questions. I can’t know how accurate the OP’s reading of the situation is, and I certainly don’t get the perspective of the other people involved. They might as well consult their Magic Eight Ball® for all my advice is worth with that kind of input.

I avoid “what does my dream mean” questions. That’s another one for the Magic Eight Ball® (hmm, I see a marketing opportunity… )

Parenting questions put me off. I somehow assisted in the raising of two cool people, but I still don’t know how the hell that happened, and there was absolutely no coherent method to it. We mostly just responded on the fly, bumbling our way along, guided by love more than strategy. I somehow managed not to screw up my kids, but I’m not going to push my luck by offering input on your situation.

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Only questions that require some kind of specific knowledge that I don’t have, and am not interested in acquiring.

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Religion and politics usually. Those types of discussions can tend to get heated so I just stay out of them. I’m not that interested in them anyway.

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I’ll answer some personal questions, but when it comes to those related to sex I always avoid them. I usually will avoid NSFW type questions. When it comes to relationships, sex and intimacy I tend to be very private. I also avoid serious questions that I have little knowledge of personally.

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I avoid answer most tech questions. Even if I know it, I’m afraid my answer will probably be dated or someone else could word it so much better than I do.

I avoid most NSFW questions because like @Paradox25 I am pretty private about that stuff.

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I avoid questions about religion. Religiously.

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I avoid political questions unless they’re specifically about UK politics. And tech questions because I’m totally not a techie. I’m also put off by questions about teenage relationships, though I will sometimes comment on those.

“What does this dream mean?” questions, you’ll be glad to know that we just don’t let those through any more. Along with “How do I get more twitter/tumblr followers?”

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Sometimes we can expand our knowledge base by answering questions that we’re not experts on or particularly interested in. Especially if it’s just an opinion question.

Yesterday, I participated in a “What’s the best free anti-virus?” thread and learned from @jerv that for my new computer I should steer clear of AVG and look into Avast instead. I’m no techie, and I simply commented that I’ve used AVG for years, with no problems. Possibly I’ve just been lucky.

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