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What would you prefer reading? Handwritten poems? Or typed?

Asked by pleiades (6571points) March 12th, 2014

Let’s assume the poetry is professionally published into a book. Would you rather see it typed (classic type writer style) or hand written?

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If it was published in a book, then I would want it typed. Maybe they could use an artistic font. If it was personal poetry that was written for me, then I would want it hand written.

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Typed. A cool font like Papyrus would be neat.

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Printed in a clear and unartsy font. Let the words do the talking.

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The last thing I need is fraying my brain trying to decipher someone’s sow-claw..

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Is the poetry all by the same person?

Especially if it’s not, I think a topsy-turvy book would be cool. Since poetry books often tend to be brief, they sometimes only print on the front side of the page. I’d love a book that did that but allowed me to read either written in the author’s own hand or, flip the book over, typed in a traditional font. I’d probably read the typed version, and if I really liked the poem flip the book and read it again to see if there was additional insight in the author’s version.

You’d have two covers and no back – one titled in cursive, one in type.

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Typed. I only want to see it hand written if it was written just for me, in which case i would treasure it.

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Definitely typed, just a plain font though, nothing distracting.

@ibstubro I love papyrus font.

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Beautiful without being overly distracting, @Adagio.

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Handwritten but only if it is readable. Other than that, typed.

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