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Learning to type?

Asked by GD_Kimble (2277points) October 16th, 2007

As faithful Fluther users may notice, my questions/answers are RIFE with errors. Not that I spell poorly, rather, I’m a terrible typist. I hunt and peck very quickly. Can anyone recommend a website or some other resource where adults can improve their typing skills?

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As a Mac user, I recently took an adult ed short course on PCs. It was pretty simple-minded; the lesson in software was a typing program..standard methods. I had learned to touch-type years ago but this seemed like a straightforward application and very easy.
Get the CD.

“Touch typing”:

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MARIO TEACHES TYPING, and no, it doesn’t matter how old you are, :P.

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mavis beacon

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@googh and @GD: my link is to Mavis….the Textile didn’t work.

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