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What do you think will happen?

Asked by krose1223 (3254points) October 6th, 2008

In my history class we were discussing how Reagan and Clinton had low approval ratings while President. When you hear their names now you don’t automatically think IDIOT like you do with Bush. So my question is this; do you think 20 years from now we will have nice things to say about Bush? If this happens do you think it would be because by then Politicians and the world will be so corrupt that makes Bush appear to be a better president? Or do you think once he dies just like in every other instance, compliments will be dug up so people can feel more at loss and sorry for themselves?

Here are some comparisons if you are interested. I hope I worded this question right, I’m a little sleepy right now

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Historians try to write their reports on historical figures sans emotion, so the subject of their research is not portrayed as either good or bad, leaving it up to the reader to draw his/her own conclusions.

This will be difficult to do, when the subject is someone like Richard Nixon, who was disgraced and shamed into resigning from office, the first and only sitting president to do so.

It will also be quite a challenge for historians to write about President Doofus, only because they will have to do so, between fits of laughter.

But, memories fade, and feelings mellow, with the passage of time. I just hope that whatever is written about him, that it is fair, balanced, unbiased, and above all, truthful.

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Not interested in an argument, however I don’t recall Reagan ever being thought of as an idiot. As I recall, he was very popular. As for Clinton, he was a Rhodes scholar. By defination, not an idiot. But made some very poor choices.

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I think he will be judged by history as one of the worst, if not the worst, presidents ever.

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Reagan is not popular with everyone. To my mind, he started us down the road that lead to Bush2. I question every one of his so-called accomplishments, beginning with the claim that he won the cold war. Russia fell apart due to internal tensions, in my opinion.

I think we find Bush to be worse than Reagan because memory does fade over time. I don’t think Bush is an idiot. On the contrary, I think he is extremely clever. He is the most immoral President I have known, and yet he fooled the people into believing he would be the moral President.

In the end, I have to say that the people got what they asked for. It was obvious to anyone with eyes to see what Bush would do. He promised to do it. Why people wanted him to steal from them and give to his friends, I don’t know, but in a way, he was honest about his dishonesty, and somehow the people only saw the honesty, and couldn’t comprehend the corruption that lay beneath.

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I think Bush will be judged harshly by history. Historians cannot judge but they do report the facts and they choose what to highlight. I do not think they will be kind to him.

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I think it is amazing how good George makes both, Reagan and Nixon look. The former not nearly as evil, the latter at least was smart. Phone home!

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I doubt i’ll ever speak his name again. History books, I’m sure, will include his high disaproval rating. And all us old ppl in nursing homes will tell anyone that walks past, what an idiot he was.

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That’s a very good point, and a well-worded question. Even during his time in office, Bush was considered by other world leaders, as well as his own people, to be one of the dumbest presidents ever. No other president has ever been so overwhelmingly disliked for so much of his presidency by so much of the world. He’ll be remembered in history for this.
Going forward 20 years… wow, what if Bush appears normal because there were worse presidents than him?! I sure hope that’s not the case. It really depends on who runs for office, because an election ends up being a choice between 2 people. What if neither is too bright? I’m guessing future parties will remember these lessons, the hatred he created around the world, and the war he started without evidence, and be careful to have someone more intelligent running to represent the country. I doubt any future presidents will screw up enough to make Bush look better by comparison.

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And the day’s Opinion Masquerading as a Question Award goes to…

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So, here it is seven years after this question was posed and we now know that Reagan was actually a demi-god and is held up as THE standard against which you are measured (to some anyway) and Clinton is still, well we still don’t know what he is or even what is is.

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