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What happens if people in America protest and the like, but those in Congress or who have the power to change it, do not change anything?

Asked by LDRSHIP (1650points) March 14th, 2014

Then what options are left?

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Getting a large group together and solving the problem yourself…If its trash pickup than hire your own trash man and steal the governments customers. feel free to take an initiative , just don’t break the law. and the government will cease to exist.

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@talljasperman How exactly does this large group solve the problem?

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@LDRSHIP by breaking the problem up into bite sized tasks that anyone can contribute freely. You don’t have to wait to be paid. So volunteering transcends money…. money is to slow and has to be recorded. Helping out saves on paperwork.

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I see what you are saying. Not sure I really agree with it. I somehow I doubt the effectiveness of a large group vs. money.

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What happens if people in America protest and the like, but those in Congress or who have the power to change it, do not change anything?

Then it is business as usual in some instances. Congress has already proven their inefficiency and disregard for the public’s best interests many times in the past.

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We VOTE, dammit. It has proven to completely change everything in the past. <eye roll>

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@Bluefreedom That is the best answer we have?

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@LDRSHIP I know this seems farfetched, but I still have my brothers and sisters backs from Texas, or Tennessee, or South Carolina, you name it. This California kid has got their backs. I’m down to problem solve

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Guillotine. It is the only viable option.

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Civil disobedience and it has been around in the US for a very long time. David Henry Thoreau wrote an epic pamphlet and it was published in 1849 mostly because of the government sanctioning of slavery, but he also wrote of his concern for the type of person who is attracted to running for office and bemoans the ‘poor choice’ available to the citizen who is a good and decent man. The ‘professional politician’ is unable to represent the respectable man making any vote he makes worthless. Good stuff.

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@LDRSHIP. Unfortunately yes, sometimes. You can vote in new politicians which might help a little bit but many of them already have dishonesty, greed, and a lack of scruples already ingrained in their characters.

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We can blame congress all we want, but when they have a ~10–15% approval rating, yet over 80% of incumbents get reelected, I think it’s time to start shifting the blame to the voters.

Next time someone blames Obama for ruining our country, ask that person who their senator or representative is. Most people have no clue….

“When you have selfish, ignorant citizens, you get selfish, ignorant leaders.” George Carlin

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Elections are critical. We put these people in office by not giving a crap when we go to vote. Most times the Media has a big influence on who people actually vote for. This is not People Magazine, TMZ or Entertainment Tonight people!

In retrospect I wonder how many Obama voters would even consider how much better off they would have been with a Mitt Romney as President?

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I think the biggest cause is the general apathy of the electorate. Protests have their place and are effective to some extent, but what is more effective is direct political action. That was the way the Obama campaign became so effective. The adage that “all politics is local” is absolutely true. Elections are won and lost by the individual voters.

If you want to make a change, get involved with your local political organization. I don’t care if you work with the Republicans or Democrats, get involved at your precinct level. Find out who your local representative and Senator are. Don’t just complain. Do Something!

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In a practical sense, protests probably have to garner favorable, long-lasting media coverage to be effective these days. This is the same way politicians get elected after all.

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