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Is this old laptop worth trying to sell?

Asked by filmfann (44532points) March 15th, 2014

We found this 1990 antique in the attic. I think it works, but haven’t tried it. It has the entire kit with it.
I think it could go to a museum at this point, but I wonder if I should just eWaste it.

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It is a 1990 Zenith SupersPort 286.

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You would be surprised at how many tech collectors there are out there. Post it on CL, or use YouTube or even find a computer school that may use it as an example of legacy technology. Trashing it would be a real waste, especially if it still boots.

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It’ll sell that’s for sure. Just list it as for parts you’re not sure if it fully functions. Novely vintage computer freaks will buy it. Or Hollywood will buy it for a prop. eBay that’s for sure

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What is the language spoken in that clip?

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I would buy it! I also want a old 8088 processor and an Apple 2e for my collection.

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Wow. We didn’t even know that Zenith had attempted computer hardware! I was in grad school in 1990; I was one of the few that even had a desktop back then. It’s amazing how fast it’s changed.

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@ragingloli The language is English, but my wife has trouble speaking perfectly due to her deafness.

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Put it on Craigslist for Best Offer and see what happens.

If you want the bother of shipping then see how it goes on eBay.

But if you can make the sale locally on CL that should be a lot easier.

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That’s before Windows 95 even so it probably has Windows 3.1 on it.

Its a doorstop at this point.

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