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Where does Target stand, politically?

Asked by figbash (7468points) July 11th, 2007

I've always been simultaneously fascinated, and scared by the Target Corporation. I've tried to figure out where they stand, politically, but can't find a lot of info. Anyone have a good resource?

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They are (or are owned by) a French company that doesn't use SAG actors for their commercials. So I love their commercials, but hate myself for loving them.

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Traget is a publicly held americab corporation and does not receive a vote in the political electorial system. Therefore in order to maintain a voice out side of the employees' vote, corporations generally contributally to campaigns of representatives from both parties. Republican do tend to favor corporate rights, but far from exclusively.

If you question is spurred by the conservative perception of competitor Walnart, Target's share holders publically seem to care more about he bottom line for sales figures that, then the selective placement of inventory the Walmart holds as a defining character of the Walden family (majority owners) and the company as a whole.

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During the 2006 election cycle, Target made $507,388 in political contributions: 27% to Democrats and 71% to Republicans. These ratios have held pretty constant in the past 4 election cycles.


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Hmmm... What I do know about them is:

They're marketing geniuses. They're highly philanthropic, seem to and also promote partner benefits in the workplace. What I also know is that their CEO (Robert Ulrich) gives primarily to Republicans, which is why I wanted to research this more.

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Wow. I am totally and completely wrong about the French thing. Don't believe what you hear from other actors.

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I actually work for Target. They seem pretty good at playing "the game" in the workplace anyway. Their policies somehow seem to be conservative, yet very inclusive and inoffensive to anyone. Even though the store is in an upper-middle class part of town full of uppity retired people, I work with people from ALL walks of life and we all get along pretty well (even upper management). I was actually kind of surprised.

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scuttlebutt is they resist unionization of employees and support conservative politicians / issues. better than walmart, but a case of lesser of 2 evils?

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