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What if politicians had to wear uniforms displaying their sponsors, the way NASCAR drivers do?

Asked by phaedryx (6110points) October 23rd, 2011

It would make it easier to see who is influencing what they are saying: example1, example2

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Yes, absolutely a great idea. And the size of the logo should be proportionate to the degree of financial support they have received. Love it.

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That would be great except I think there will be some people disappointed in their hero’s when they see what’s up.

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Then the man wearing a simple suit with no ads would be revered and lauded as a hero among men.

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I don’t think there is enough cloth to show how many they are beholden to. They’d have to wear oversize clothes.

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Well if they did, they would sure look funny. But this would provide the opportunity to laugh at them and really mock them to the degree that most politicians deserve.

I’m all for it. Where’s the petition to sign ?

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There wouldn’t be enough room. THey would have to wear long trains like on a bridal gown.

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They would just lie about who greases their palm, and the people will never really know.

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I love the idea!

The problem of displaying all the affiliations in a long train made me think of this custom. I would like to see a politician wearing ribbons with corporate logos stapled to them.

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@Jeruba That’s St. Anthony in the Procession of the Saints! Be careful with that one or you may never be able to find your glasses again, or your keys! Or anything you’ve lost.

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That’d be awesome I mean we the people do elect our officials to represent us. And I guess what we buy, is part of what we represent.

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They should put it on their limos too!

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The problem I see is that like with political attack ads, the money would get funneled through shell-corps with pleasant logos and names. So Big Oil and Big Tobacco would funnel it through donations from the Association for Ensuring the Prosperity of American Youth, that lobbies to use up our natural resources and market cigarettes to teens. The example is fictional, but there are many real-life examples to go by.

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@lillycoyote, it sure is. I used to live in that very neighborhood, right around the corner from the Old North Church, and I watched the parade from a fifth-floor window. Don’t worry, I didn’t say or do anything to give affront to the saint or his admirers.

And I wouldn’t mind if it were just regular people supporting their favorite politicians in a similar way (without statues).

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This might seem like a good idea, but one backlash would be less corporate support.
When Joe The Milkman runs for congress, and it’s discovered he was playing hide the salami with an aide, Pensoil won’t be happy seeing their name on his arm as he is explaining that he needs to quit the race to spend more time with his family.

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@filmfann I see no downside. I wish that politicians had no corporate support whatsoever and all campaign funds came from individuals’ donations, perhaps some public funding. That’s the only way I’d believe they were working in the people’s interests and weren’t beholden to corporations.

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I supported a candidate who flamed out big time (John Edwards).
I am sure glad my name wasn’t on his sleeve.

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@filmfann you own/control a corporation that donated to John Edwards?

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(I thought it was clear from the analogy and images I was talking about corporate contributors, but that might not be the case)

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Corporations are people, so why can’t people be corporations?

Okay, you got me.

But understand that corporations will think the same way. They will watch the flame out potential for candidates.
Michelle Bachmann? She is a newsconference away from another ridiculas statement.
Joe Biden? Always dangerous when his mouth is allowed to move.
Mitt Romney? Semi-stable, but this guy wants to be president so bad he has forgotten to be someone people want to be president.

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Frankly, there should be a law to enforce this. It is much easier to understand a politician and predict his responses if you know who sponsors him. The supreme court decision to allow corporations, even foreign corporations support during the election process, knowing the politicians allegiance is the only way to make an intelligent choice.

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