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Have you witnessed cyberbullying?

Asked by talljasperman (21739points) March 16th, 2014

Also have you ever been cyberbullied and not known about it?

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If I don’t know about it how can I call it bullying?

I’ve been bullied, on Yahoo! Answer and Facebook. That’s why I took refuge here.

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I haven’t been cyberbullied anywhere, mainly due to the fact that the internet didn’t exist outside of universities, and cellphones didn’t exist at all when I was in my teens. There was one moron on a mailing list I used to belong to, who took a disliking to me, but the worst he could manage was subscribing my email address to a bunch of porn spammers.

If I have been cyberbullied and not known about it… how would I know to answer about it here?

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Yes. I’ve seen it here many times. Usually when a student is asking a homework question, the self righteous here go on the attack. I once watched all day as a German student, who had obvious difficulties with the language, was cut up for hours after her last response. She asked somethng about American racism and Martin Luther King, a very naive question, but I thought it an honest one. There was a typical teutonic gramatical error that made the question seem racist and leading and she came under merceless fire from the most surprising sources. Her attempts to explain were feeble and in worsening English and she soon gave up.

It was a sad moment at Fluther. I’ll never forget it. These same people who did this come out as extremely anti-bullying every time a question on the subject comes up.

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If I had been cyber bullied but wasn’t aware of it, as your question states, then how would I know that it was cyberbullying now? It seems there’s something wrong with the question itself. If you remove “and not known about it,” then it might make more sense. (And I see now that this has already been pointed out.)

No, I’ve never been cyberbullied.

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Many many times! Seen it happen to others and also myself on another website.

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I watched my son get hammered on Facebook…it was brutal. He tried to kill himself because of it.

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I’ve seen people cyberbullied on Fluther a few times. Before the moms mods could get there, of course.

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