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Have you ever been a victim of cyberbullying?

Asked by NerdyKeith (5479points) February 24th, 2017

I know I’ve discussed the topic of cyberbullying before, but I thought it would be interesting to take it from a different angle.

I obviously respect anyone who doesn’t feel comfortable sharing such personal accounts. But finding our a personal narrative regarding cyberbullying, can add a lot of context to the issue of cyberbullying.

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As a conservative I get it on a daily basis here. My oldest son got it bad on Facebook when he was 16. Cyberbullying is here to stay and it is vital to teach kids how to have a thick skin and to simply avoid sites that are attacking them.

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On fluther I have.

A few times on Facebook.

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I’ve gotten a lot of messages on Facebook over my political views. I am also a conservative. I just block and ignore. I typically don’t make a big deal of cyberbullying when it’s done to me. One time I did though and that was last year when a guy kept sending unsolicited pictures. Then I reported it.
Sometimes I don’t get why it bothers people so much. If it’s someone you know in real life, I get that bothering you, but a complete stranger who you will probably never meet? It’s super easy to block and/or report that.

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Yes. In university I was tricked by, what I thought was a good friend , into thinking that everything was my fault. She played the mind game so well that I was devastated , and I didn’t see it until I got to Fluther a decade later. WHAT a mind job. Thanks Fluther for healing me.

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I haven’t.

I’ve had people correct me and disagree with my views here and at other forums. By no means would I consider that to be bullying, because I’ve always had the freedom to rebut or disagree with those people.

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I can see how bullying can cross over into real life, as with teens on Facebook. I don’t discount that.

But personally, no. Sticks and stones.

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No, the same as @Brian1946 for me. The weirdest thing that ever happened was here, on Fluther, a few ago when some anonymous but re-incarnated member started going by my pets name and wouldn’t give up the ghost. I played along briefly but then asked for them to knock it off and give up the ghost. They refused, kept baiting me, accused me of not having my signature sense of humor, and I told them to fuck off in no uncertain terms. lol

They must have been banned or voluntarily left, I still don’t know what became of them but their idea of a joke, taking on my pets identity, really pissed me off. Good riddance ya little weenie. haha

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Many times. It’s sad, really.

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Not me, but hubby. It wasn’t cyber bullying, but character defamation in a big way. It lasted for two years, and it was pretty awful.

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Oddly the only place I have been cyber bullied is here on fluther and I’ve been on the net so many years.

Someone wrote to me and told me I was fake, or something, that everything I spoke about was B/S. I think it was because in one post I wrote that I don’t have cellulite. (I know, very strange and bizarre). I think that is the only thing in life I’ve been spared! The same person opened an account with a name similar to me and used an avatar of what looked like someone giving a blow-job! I have no idea why they decided to pick on me and I realize that they had some sort of mental issue. @NerdyKeith you ask a lot of questions of this nature? I hope that everything is alright for you?

Luckily here in the UK it is illegal and you can be charged and jailed.

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@Coloma Gosh I remember that and how cross you were haha! How annoying that must have been.

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Not really sure if it counts as cyberbulling. But back in the day there was a woman here that hung out in the chatroom and was problematic. She knew I didn’t use Twitter (still don’t) and she decided to open a account in my name and use my picture. So why not say I just molested my sister’s twins? She did..

Then people from here were all WTF is this Twitter account and I had no idea. That was a rough couple of days. Luckily it didn’t leak into my real world friends.

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I guess I attracted my own troll for a minute here. But the mods stopped him. Thanks mods!

If I were younger, like in school,it might bother me. But at this point it doesn’t affect me. Probably because I’m very confident in myself in real life. It wouldn’t be wise to come knocking on my door. As long as you don’t put your hands on me,I could care less.

To quote Michael Madison from RDogs – “Are you gonna bark all day little doggie,or are you gonna bite?”

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For a whole three minutes, on 9Gag.

Someone posted a post (duh!) about being physically abused by his father and that he doesn’t know what to do anymore. His mother was the victim as well.
Some 9Gagger told him to kill the dad and run away with mom. Me being me, I took that as an actual advice, and replied that he’ll end up in jail and that it doesn’t solve anything. That person went on replying “pussy” on every post of mine on that thread.

What a horrible day. I needed a therapy to get over this experience.

In all seriousness, I wan’t bullied, neither on the ‘net nor real life. At least, I never felt bullied. I did have some disproportionate reactions to what I said, but that’s it.

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Yes, on reddit, after opening up about my abortion experience. An entire subreddit targeted me for bullying messages and hate speech.

Here’s some of the messages I was sent.

i feel sorry for your murdered child murderous whore

lmao this is one broken, twisted whore

It’s hard to take the moral high ground when you’re a literal murderer who laughs about it after the fact. You’ve already tried the “i pity you” angle remember whore no one wants the pity or sympathy of a sociopathic bitch. Save your pity for your dead child

You’re a sick disgusting cunt

Murderous whore killed her own child

you dumb piece of shit

you disgusting whore

you gross piece of trash

You realise calling anyone hateful – from the position of a murdering sociopathic solipsistic prostitute, is hilarious?

Degenerate child murderer

Drop dead already you fucking murdering whore.

unresponsible pathetic cunt

no one here approves of you. you have no support here. here, you are thought to be scum. you have no right to be approved of, go get patted on the back for murdering your baby at /sub/twoxchromosomes

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@cinnamonk Whoa…that is horrible, I’m sorry. :-(
I had an abortion waaay back in 1975, you can only imagine how it was hiding that from most others except a few close friends. Sad that the lunatic pro-lifers are still going so strong, we’ve come a long ways baby…not really.

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Meh. Looking back, it’s kind of amusing. I’m sure the people who sent me those messages lead extremely fulfilling lives and are getting laid constantly.

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@cinnamonk Still though that was a pretty messed up thing to say.

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Haha yeah it was. That particular subreddit, which has since been banned, was dedicated to harassing redditors. They would start a thread to trash a specific redditor, call that person out by username mention so they would come to the thread and respond, immediately ban that user from the subreddit, and then continue to make disparaging and degrading comments about that redditor, still including the redditor’s username in each comment so they would receive notifications each time they were mentioned but no longer be able to reply to them.

I don’t visit reddit anymore, much less interact with people there.

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^Sounds as bad as Yahoo, OMG…some really evil ignorant humans out there.

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Maybe even as bad as Stormfront or the Westboro Baptist Church.

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The Greater Internet Fuckwad Theory is a postulate which asserts that normal, well-adjusted people may display psychopathic or antisocial behaviors when given both anonymity and a captive audience on the Internet.”

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Yes, Ben & Andrew have never given me lurve or even acknowledged my presence here :D

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Andrew answered my question in Meta once. It was like being kissed by an angel.

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