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Are you slow to discover a structured path or free flowing passion with your life?

Asked by talljasperman (21818points) March 17th, 2014

For me I examine a career then drop it then look at another one and then drop it… Am I following a set pattern that other people are following? What about you, how did you find your passion? I liked a computer program called Choice’s in high school and I had fun jumping from career to career and salary to salary, educational and physical requirements ect.

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I have a friend that does this with art. One day he’s an illustrator, the next he’s an abstract painter, the next he’s a videographer the next he’s a water color painter, somethings always changing with him. My guess is that he likes to define himself with his work. Perhaps you are looking for the definitive “work” to be “you.” As I’ve answered for you before, what if you take up a job and just hone in on your passions as your hobby. With the exposure people get these days your hobby could take off anytime

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I’m thinking for this week to see if I can learn how to make YouTube videos.

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@talljasperman That may spark some interesting conversations! Just remember, thick ass skin for YouTube. It’s truly the mob on that website that you’ll be appealing to.

Some things to consider.

Are you ready for the general crowd?
Do you want to specialize in certain topics?
What “crowd” do you want to entertain?
Devise a plan on how you will respond trolls. (Personally I wouldn’t that may be a route you might want to consider as well)
Have you set up your GoogleAd sense yet? You can link it to your YouTube or I think nowadays it’s built in? Double check, that’s income!

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I always knew what I wanted to do. And I did everything else but that.

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Upon reflection, I’m forced to admit that most of the opportunities that have had the greatest influence on my life were the result of pure chance. There are those who dispute this, but to my mind they were opportunities that I merely stumbled over, and was therefore forced to notice.

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Same here. I’ve also read that with most very rich people, the same is true. Much of what they discovered, invented…they came upon by pure luck while others just as smart or as dedicated as them did not have the same luck.

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When I was 18, just finishing high school, I had no idea what direction to take. There was a not-for-profit in my area doing aptitude testing, so I went through a huge battery of tests over several weeks. The two top career paths that emerged were mechanical engineering and physical therapy. Neither really appealed to me; I lacked the math affinity for engineering, and I was put off by the long schooling required for PT. So over the following decades I did lots of very different things, all of which I was pretty good at, but none that I found very satisfying over the long term.

Then, in my early fifties, I lost a job and had to broaden my search into new fields. Quite by accident, I stumbled upon my current job designing and making equipment for people with disabilities. It’s an amalgam of precisely the two fields that those tests recommended so long ago (but without the nasty bits that kept me from pursuing them). And this really is the perfect job for me.

So I’d say that it was clear early on what kind of work I’d find fulfilling, but it took a long time for circumstances to align. None of that time was wasted, though; all of the experiences I gained in all of those intermediary jobs have ended up being very useful in unforeseeable ways. I’m better at what I’m doing now because of all of the odd-ball stuff I’ve done before.

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No, not really. I need structure and I need a paycheck, so I find fields that interest me and take whatever job works out and so far it has worked for me.

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Though it seems you are looking to feel better.about your lack of direction. There will always be bigger progedies and stories of insanely late bloomers.

So feeling better about your status will depend on who you compare yourself to. And thus you will have periods of extreme ups and downs.

Much better to realize admit facts decide whether you want to continue down your path or you want to change. Don’t ask yourself if its possible just ask yourself if you want something different enough to give it your all… First step.

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