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Where do I put my winter gloves when I use the urinal?(NSFW)

Asked by talljasperman (21734points) March 17th, 2014

If I put them on the ground they get to sit in the leftover pee from the last few guys who used it. If I leave it next to the sink then someone can steal them… What do I do? Right now I’m using the toilet and putting my stuff on the ground.
They should put a rack on top of the urinal so you can put your gloves somewhere. Would that work?

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What are pockets for?

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Most places, especially in cold climates, do have a shelf to put gloves or other stuff on. But if they don’t, take your gloves off and put them under your arm in your arm pit, hold your upper arm close to your body. You’ll still be able to use your hand.

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Tuck them under one armpit. Unless you flap your arms when you pee. It doesn’t take a great range of motion with both arms to zip your pants back up.

They make little clips for kids that attach gloves to sleeves. You could put them on your waistband instead and clip them to you. I clip my climbing gloves to my belt loops.

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@janbb Good idea, but I have huge gloves… I might be able to put them in my arm sleeves but I need to take my winter parka off as well.

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@GloPro That takes the enjoyment out of the relaxing process… I get all relaxed and my gloves with fall down.

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Just leave them on and enjoy the leather.

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@rojo I could buy some adult diapers just in case. @janbb I put this in NSFW.

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You could just leave them on and ask someone to give you a hand.

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@rojo before or after I get home?

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Hold them in your teeth.

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By the forefinger.

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Where do you put your jacket/coat? Wherever that is, put the gloves with/in it.

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Pin each glove to a long string, which you wear around your neck. When you take the gloves off, they dangle from the string. That’s a technique I used with my kids when they were very young to keep their mittens from being lost.

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I was going to suggest the string also.

Another option is to keep some clips in your pocket and use the clips to attach the gloves to your sleeve or some other part of your coat. The cheapest clips are large paperclips like these. I use them for potato chip bags and cereal also. There are better clips you can purchase for gloves though that have more grip.

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Rest them on your shoulder. Lots of good ideas on here…

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Tuck them into your waistband if you are just having a pee

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