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What is the best way to clean my MacBook Pro?

Asked by webarnold (55points) July 1st, 2008

I need to clean both the LCD screen and the keyboard/wrist wrest area.

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I’d use a cleaning cloth with a bit of moist. Or look at iKlear (or Apple Store-link)

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Water! I’ve tried everything, and water with a soft towel leaves no streaks or lasting marks.

A buddy used Windex and baby wipes. Umm..yeah…the finish of his MacBook is ruined.

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First, turn off your computer. Use Windex and paper towells to clean the entire computer, even the screen. Just don’t let it drip/run into the slots/openings.

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Windex or any other detergents are NOT recommended for use on your Macbook screen

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I was seriously just about to ask the same question; I’m glad I checked first!

I agree completely with itmustbeken; it seems like using a paper towel (or if you have one of those microfiber cloths) dampened with warm water is perfect for the aluminum finish and screen. I haven’t tried it on the plastic parts, but there’s no reason it shouldn’t work.

This actually works surprisingly better than anything else I’ve seen for the screen. Save for a stray fiber or two, it leaves the display looking as if it was brand new. (side note: I have the matte-finish MBP, so I’m not sure how well this works on glossy displays—does anybody know?).

sweet avatar btw

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One last tip I got at the Apple store: If you get gunk (and what guy doesn’t….) on your MBp, put your damp towel in the microwave for 10–30 seconds until its warm. This works better than just warm water because you heat the fibers of the towel making them open-up and clean better.

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I found that using a micro-fibre cloth like the iPod Touch cleaning cloth works really well, the trick is to be patient and persistent and just use small amounts of water and rubbing with a decent amount of pressure (not on the LCD though!). Just like an Enjo glove for cleaning!

Definitely don’t use Windex or any cleaning products!

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To clean the wrist rest area, try a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. Works like a charm. I don’t know what to suggest for the screen.

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I use rubbing alcohol. It even got a sharpie off the display.

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@andrew: You must have used the wrong Pen in Photoshop…!

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The best way to clean a MacBook Pro is to break it and send it in to AppleCare.

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Reformat the hard disk.

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