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Who's your favorite person you follow on Twitter?

Asked by dookie (61points) July 1st, 2008

Please include links in your replies.

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I know half the bunch will say Merlin Mann and the other half will say John Gruber. :) (I have to say I like them both, although, I’m against the hype factor, so I’m not going to say any of those).

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My friend Duff. He writes witty and frequent posts, usually on topics of productivity and personal growth.

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My favorite anything is so transitory. What I answer now is likely to change in 5 minutes.

But, since I feel like geekin’ out for a bit, I point you to Wil Wheaton.

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I follow just under 300 people so it’s kinda hard to pick a favorite…

Michael Arrington from TechCrunch is pretty informative. Most of his posts have links to the new articles on TechCrunch.

Corvida is a cool person to follow. She has her own tech blog and tweets about cool new sites and gadgets.

Most of the people I follow are web designers and technophiles, so if you are interested, you can go through my follow list here.

If you’re looking for cool people to follow try this wiki and Twellow.

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