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Donation Week for Favorite Station?

Asked by jarogers80 (27points) March 20th, 2014

My favorite public radio station has been taking pledges all week and is constantly asking for donations. When this happens to you, do you:
A. Turn the channel.
B. Flip back and forth, hoping to hear one of your programs in the middle of all the demands/requests for support.
C. Donate.

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D. I don’t listen to public radio.

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I switch to the other public radio station in the market.

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flip over to Christian Hate Radio (AFR/AFN) and listen to them prattle on until I can no longer stand the hypocrisy then I switch back.

BTW I do contribute to my local Public Access Channel, I just don’t listen to their pleas.

@Coloma WTF!!! you don’t listen to public radio. another childhood illusion shattered

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We listen to 4 commercial-free stations – two in New York City and two in Philadelphia. I know he consistently pays his membership to the one NYC music station that is NOT NPR affiliated, but the other 3 we haven’t contributed to in the last 5 years. I used to donate to the one Philly music station, but had to stop. I keep meaning to start again but never remember because I’m driving. Whether or not I listen to their pledge pitches depends on what program is on and how interested I am in it. I might flip to the other station or play what’s in the CD player.

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@rojo Haha…well I do watch PBS so that counts. Nova, Nature, Huell Howser.
I don’t like listening to talk radio or polictics, boooring!

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I donate as much as is financially feasible. Community events and drives are my favorite charities.

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