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What's your bed-time?

Asked by ibstubro (18717points) March 20th, 2014

And what’s your age?

I’m 53 (a morning person) and my bedtime is nearing 9 pm. I think that’s sad. lol I should be going until 11 at least.

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12 midnight 36 years old and 10 am to wake up… and 12 afternoon to take medication and 5pm to go back and have a nap 5 – 12 Fluther , Answerbag, and YouTube, and take night time meds.

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All I know is 10 pm is bubble bath time with the Mrs.! (53 and have a rubber ducky) Nite y’all!

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12:30 and 23:00.

So simple!

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Somewhere between 12am and 5am….. I really need to work on that lol

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On work days it’s 8:30pm but then I have to be up at 3:30am

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@ibstubro That’s not sad. I WISH I had the self-discipline to get to bed that early.

Mine is somewhere between 2 AM and HNNNGGGGsnzzzzzzzughhhhh (the sound of me waking up in the morning with a hangover)

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I have to be ready for work by 7 am, so yep, about 9:30, 10pm tops if I want to get my butt out of bed.
It is now 8:57 and I am almost there, another 10 minutes….zzzzz.

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Work nights it’s 9:30/10, but my alarm goes off at 4:10.

Weekends, 11, 11:30.

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My routine goes something like this. “hmmm it’s 1130, probably should be getting into bed soon, let me just check a few things online first…..ahhhh fuck it’s 4am…”

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40, and I drop around 0530–0600 four days a week, but usually stay up until 0900–1200 on my three-day weekends.

Yes, I work nights.

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62. Usually around 11 P.M.

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59 next month. Usually around midnight plus or minus two hours. Up and at ‘em at 6:21 am.

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I think of it as being 11 but in reality, it’s about midnight or 12:30, sometimes almost 1. It depends on whether I have my daughter with me, in which case it’s closer to 11. If it’s a weekend, it may be closer to 1. I just turned 48. On a week day, I wake up between 5:30 and 7, without an alarm clock, thank you very much.

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What time is it?

Ok, later than 12:27 CST, DST evidently.

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Usually between 12:30 and 2:30 AM. I haven’t adjusted my late-night writing schedule since graduating.

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I am 47 years young and my bedtime is usually between 7:30 and 8:00 a.m. after the drive home from work and breakfast. I work midnight shift hours from 9:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m.

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Crap! Thanks for reminding me. I get carried away some nights…

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32 here, and my bedtime is way too late, as may be guessed if anyone checks out when I posted this. I have an evening job so that works out because I’m a night owl. Although I can wake up really early if I have to…but I don’t like it. Mornings depress me.

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Nite nite all. I will check back in the morning.

‘preciate y’all

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Sleep is for dreamers, pardner. ’‘spits’’

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Usually around midnight if I’m working the next day (getting up at about 7am), and around 1am-2am if I’m not (getting up at about 9am). And I’m 47, if that makes any difference. And also, no alarm clock needed here either. I set one just in case but I usually wake 15 minutes before it goes off (my bladder is a better alarm clock these days).

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I like when it is 11:00. Because of my husband, sometimes I get on his routine and it is more like 9:30 and I hate it. I guess some might say I technically have insomnia on and off the last ten years. Sometimes not going to sleep until 1am, or waking at 4am for a couple hours. I don’t think of it as insomnia though. If I had to work 9–5 it would be very troublesome. Probably if I worked 9–5 my sleep pattern would be more regular though. the majority of my life I slept right through the night, 9 hours.

Waking up early for me is being dragged out of bed to go to school or having to jump in a shower to get ready for work or an appointment. Why does anyone associate that with positive feelings? Waking up early because you naturally do is a different thing.

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In bed by 10PM (sometimes 9PM), up at 6AM. I am 42.

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We head up to bed between 9–10 and the light turns off just after 11:00 (it’s on a timer, because otherwise we were like @uberbatman). We are 47 and 50, and we get up between 5:30–6:00 on work days.

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I’m 27 years old and my bed time is between 11pm and midnight usually. On a work day my alarm is set for around 7am.

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Depends on my day, but normally I got to bed around 10:30pm now, and up between 5a-6a.
I’m 41 yrs old.

I do remember my grandparents always staying up for late night tv all their lives and getting up at 4a-5a, so it makes me feel like a wuss.

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I’m 54 and man..I need 9 hours to feel optimal, I have a very high mental energy and my brain wears me out. lol

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@KNOWITALL You are at that age where you might begin to see your ability to sleep your 7–8 hours slip away. I read a study long ago on why this happens but forgot the mechanism that is at play for losing the ability to sleep soundly for long stretches. I am lucky if I get 5 straight hours. Even on the weekends I am almost never able to sleep past 6. I hate it but I have learned to function on the sleep I get and rarely feel tired or exhausted.

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@Cruiser Yes, I remember my grandfather telling me that as you age your body requires less sleep. He told me that if my friends and I were out in the wee hours of the morning and ever needed him, not to worry about waking him, bless his heart. :)

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Usually no later than 10:30.

My age? Old enough not to feel guilty about taking a daily nap.

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I can’t nap. I’ve always been the type that if I fall asleep for 5 minutes, I’m good for another 8. Sometimes I can doze, and that gets me by.

My brain wears me out, too @Coloma. Honestly. They need to find a way for thinking to burn calories…we’d both be thin as rails and able to eat voraciously!

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@ibstubro I think you need a nap. Here’s how :)

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@Mimishu1995 I worked hard enough today that I’ll have no trouble falling asleep. No nap needed.

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