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Fluther needs dates on the answer-posts. Anyone else agree?

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I completely agree. And although relative dates such as “2 minutes ago” or “3 days ago” are nice up to a point, “11 months ago” is far too vague. I think that relative dates should swap out to standard dates after two weeks. Also, a question asked just under two years ago will be shown as “1 year ago” until it hits the day that it is exactly two years, and that’s a huge and confusing margin when looking at a user’s profile history. Seventeen months is not “1 year ago”.

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I absolutely agree.

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At the risk of sounding redundant, i agree wholeheartedly. hope one of the site developers is “listening” :)

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At the risk of sounding redundantly redundant, I also concur.

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I’ve forwarded this up to Ben, Andrew and Erik’s attention. Please continue to give your feedback, it’s not in the slightest redundant!

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Yup. Not knowing when a thread was last active usually stops me answering questions I suspect may be old and over and done with.

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I would also like a direct link to the quip. It sucks to hack together a link to a specific comment in a long thread.

1. Hover over “flag as” button to get the number. 146815
2. plug it in to
3. Doing this sucks ass.

Please post a direct link. Put it in the time stamp if you must.

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And in agreement with @richardhenry, I also don’t think detailed timestamp down to the second is really needed, well, ever. And that even hour:minute is likely to be optional a month or so out.

Point being, every bit of info added per quip increases the overall weight of the entire web page, site bandwidth, etc. So try to maintain the lightweightedness as much as possible.

(To argue with myself, the more logic that has to go in to figuring out what to show on the screen means more computational overhead to serve up the page in the first place. For scalability reasons, that would also be something to consider. I’m sure @Ben and @Andrew are constantly faced with such decisions.)

And in agreement with @jp, I’d lurve not having to build my own quip links!

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How about making our own time stamp? 7–01-08 PM

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I don’t know how to build a link to a specific post or quip, but I would sure love the ability to be able to do that.

I am also in agreement on the time stamp. I say after 24 hrs only date really matters.

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Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.

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The date would be great!

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A quick hack to get the idea across. See what I did to the post made by PnL. Something like that would be nice.


It is the date and a link to the quip.

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Wow…you’re good, jp ;-)

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My answer is going to sound soooooo boring now but yes a fabulous idea indeed.

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I too agree. fluther, please listen and include time/date stamps soon!

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