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Is boxing a good self defense just like Karate or other martial arts?

Asked by Eggie (5591points) March 24th, 2014

Is boxing effective for defense or is it just a contact sport? Is it wise to get into boxing for self-defense purposes and will it be as effective as any other martial art?

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In Boxing the first thing you learn and learn well is how to avoid getting hit by a punch. That can be very useful in a fist fight.

Martial Arts teach you to defend yourself against all forms of attack combined with other methods to neutralize the attacker.

A martial artist who has boxing skills is a formidable combination that most MMA champions are expert at both.

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In a true, true street fight I see boxing as little use as a self-defense method. Boxing by nature is a sport designed on scoring points off your opponent by landing them on certain select areas of the body, you can’t hit to the back of the head, the kidneys, etc. all of which are done in a street fight. Boxing doesn’t take into account kicking or grabbing which is done in street fights. Not to mention the wild swinging style of punch throwing in street fights there is no time to set up counters and throw hooks or even get your jab going. If you don’t want or have the time to go full-blown martial arts focus on Krav Maga.

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I see few of the martial arts as good self defence really, Karate, Juso, etc has become more showsport than a real way to fight.
If there is one or two I would probably be along the lines of Krav Maga or som sort off MMA thing that teaches the attitude to fight as well.
Most sports teach you to hold back, but when I was learning Krav Maga my first leason was not how to make it loook pretty, but how to damage to other guy enough to get him to stop fighting..

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No not really. We can’t get any self defense training about this anywhere. It is mainly treated as a sport.

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You can decide it’s effectiveness by watching this old guy who used to be a boxer take on a couple of thugs.

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