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Am I the only one that knows how to replace an empty toilet paper roll around here?

Asked by GloPro (8311points) March 25th, 2014 from iPhone

Seriously, do any of you deal with this? I feel like I’m the only one that realizes it’s so easy.

I even change it out at friends houses, restaurants, you name it. The fresh one will just be sitting on top of the empty one, or on the back of the toilet.

What’s the deal?

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Just changed the roll at work. Someone left one little square. Its like leaving one last swallow of milk so you don’t have to take care of the empty carton.

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Same here. Apparently, it’s easier to just take out the new roll and place it somewhere other than the holder. I have no clue why. It takes procrastinating to a whole new level.

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Luckily, my husband does not wait for me to do it. He does however wait for me to take care of stains. Stains on the carpet, clothing, counters, and on and on. The very thing that really does best if it gets immediate attention.

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Ha! My mother in law asked that exact question when she visited our house!

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Me too.

I am also the only one in my house that:
• mops floors
• cleans toilets
• washes laundry
• cleans surfaces & dusts
• pays bills

But that’s okay, we all have our crosses to bear.

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That I know how to do. I’m guilty of then leaving the empty toilet roll sitting where the new one was, though…

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We have this pole, holds four rolls, never gets below two.
Just replace two new ones & move the bottom two up, slightly anal huh?

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!! my house exactly. It’s worse when you’ve already started doing your business and you look and no toilet paper!! And I feel better just reading these I’m in the same boat as @cookieman ..In this part of the world the toilet is always in a separate room from the rest of the bathroom, so you have pull your pants sort of up, run into the bathroom, grab a roll… ugh so friggen annoying.

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Yes. U R A Gurl.

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@rojo I may be a gurl but it’s usually the men that are taking 20 minute shits. Don’t tell me you don’t have an extra 30 seconds.

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I do it all the time at home being that the wife can never find the 15 seconds to do it herself. Just so everyone knows too…..when replacing the toilet paper, the end should ALWAYS roll over the top and not from underneath.

And for those who don’t have the courtesy to change out the roll….in a word….LAZY.

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My wife fixes up her bathroom with very pretty things, then leaves a roll on the floor. I asked her why she wants to make it look more like a subway toilet.
My sister put a $5 bill inside the roll, so that anyone changing it would find it. No one found it for MONTHS.
As for me, it usually takes a while for me to move my colon, so I am sitting there with nothing else to do… Why not replace it?

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My sister put a paper towel holder in as her toilet paper holder. A very nice chrome looking one that matched her fixtures very well. She attached it to the wall horizontally and can put two rolls on at once, so she deals with changing the rolls half as often.

@filmfann I love the $5 bill story!

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I have a service that does it for me, so why bother? ;-)

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I just spent about a hour cleaning my bathroom today. Shower got tilexed, mirror got Windex. I even cleaned the water pipes going into the taps. Feel free to freak the fuck out.

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@johnpowell It looks like your toilet is smiling

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@cookieman Do you have an eligible brother?

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She who uses the last _________, is required by Intergalactic Law to change / replace it at our home.

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@cookieman Do you unload the dishwasher, too?? Marry me!

I have a cashe of soft cookie recipes stashed!

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NO, @GloPro. And I don’t give a rat’s rump if it’s over or under as long as they replace it!

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@GloPro Ok, so I probably should not tell you this but, in high school, when you gurls are discussing periods and such they take us guys aside and give us a class on being married. One of the things they drill into us is to set the bar low when it comes to expectations. Have you ever wondered why we cannot do the dishes without being asked or why we cannot notice dirt until there is enough of it to grow crops in? To put it bluntly, if we change out the roll once, you will expect us to do it each and every time and we are just not up to that kind of pressure. Anyway, please keep this to yourself and do not let this get out. Ok? Thanks.

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@chyna: sorry darlin’, I’m an only child.

@ibstubro: I do that as well, but so does my wife* (the remainder of the chores she handles – food shopping and cooking mostly)

* as such, I’m unavailable for marriage. :^)

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I’ll be the rebel here: Why in the world does it matter if the toilet paper is on the holder or on the back of the toilet or next to where you’re sitting to do your business? Seriously, we only bother if we’re expecting company. As long as it’s not sitting on the floor, what’s the issue?

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@GloPro I don’t know if you knew it but this is actually hardwired into the Y chromosome, along with leaving the seat up, beer, scratching, and a love of clutter. It’s rare for a guy to overcome these instructions.

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@tedibear the reason it matters in your home is whatever reason you use to justify doing it when you’re expecting company, I suppose.

I have dealt with the entire roll falling in the toilet. If I’m lucky enough that it misses the toilet, it still rolls across the floor, unraveling the whole way. I’ve had silly puppies find it and tear it to shreds all over the house. I’ve had it carried into the living room to tend to a runny nose, which is of no use when you’re sitting there, trapped, looking for it. I can think of all kinds of reasons, if I must.

But mostly I just like that it has a nice looking, sensible place to go.

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The reason I do it for company is because the only company we ever have is my husband’s family. My SIL would be horrified that it wasn’t on a holder. I just don’t want to hear about it from her.

I’ve been lucky. Never had a whole roll land in the toilet and have never had a pet play with it. One thing I will admit is that I look for the TP before I start to go. That’s only because I’ve been in bathrooms where it has not been. It took a long time for me to remember to do that!

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Haha, well, nagging is as good of reason as any, I suppose. I’ve just taken to doing it everywhere I go instead.

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