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Salmon pink.

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It could also be peach or coral.

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The gentleman you are pointing out has two different colors – the shirt is a different color than the sash and what is covering the legs. I would probably call the sash and leg-covering a peach color, and the shirt a light tangerine. The man all the way to the right, I would say is wearing more of a coral color and the two to the left I would call their lighter articles a salmon color.

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I gave it a quick glance and saw salmon.

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I agree: salmon.
The first thing that came to my mind was strawberry muffin pink.

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I’m going with coral/salmon and peach.

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I’d call it Cantaloupe.
If it was a designer paint swatch it would be called Krishnaloupe. lol

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Lefts are pink; one on far right is peach.

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Peach, coral, or flesh.

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If you want to get really specific, they are meant to be ‘saffron’ coloured, but these look more on the pink side to be saffron. I’d call it salmon as well.

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@kritiper: Whose flesh?

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@jca Caucasian. Or Oriental. I suppose any light colored flesh. Crayola Crayons have/had a “flesh” color.

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Salmon and tangerine.

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Can I bleach an orange hat to something of a similar color? I really want the salmon colored hat

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@kritiper: Crayola no longer calls that “flesh” color because “flesh” should not refer to Caucasian (and even Caucasians have various shades). It leaves out the flesh of the majority of the world.

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@jca When you are artfully coloring the skin of people, you can’t be too picky about color names when it comes to certain colors. I usually use a light peach and a dark peach for sun-lit and shaded pale flesh. You can’t use orange or pink.
( You noticed I said “Crayola Crayons have/HAD a flesh color.” They had one at one time, I didn’t know if they still did.)

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@kritiper: I understand. I am pointing out that we can’t assume what “flesh” color is.

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@jca True. It’s name would have been useless without the addition of “peach” “salmon” “tangerine” and “coral” (and etc.) in the comparative discussion on the subject in question.

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