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Does the fact that the Malaysian government is insisting the plane went down in the ocean, yet there's not one speck of evidence that happened, make you suspicious there's some kind of coverup?

Asked by jca (36062points) March 31st, 2014

I haven’t been following this story very much, but I do keep hearing that the Malaysian government and officials are saying they’re positive Malaysia Flight 370 went down in the ocean. Yet there’s no evidence that happened. Debris spotted by various agencies has all shown to be garbage.

Does this make you wonder if there’s some kind of coverup?

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No – it seems far more likely to me that the plane went down somewhere in the vast, deep oceans than that it is somewhere on land and has not been discovered.

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It just smells of some kind of a cover up, with satellites that can read the writing on a golf ball from space, someone in power knows something about this.

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FWIW, I suspected that almost from the beginning. The circumstances are weird, and the media coverage has been ridiculous. I don’t follow it or think much about it, but it wouldn’t surprise me at all if the truth was totally different. With all the confusion, any reasonable outcome could have been fabricated by now.

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No, it is the most likely conclusion.

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It’s not the Malaysian government that postulated this first, it’s the French, the Australians, the US, and the Chinese.

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No cover up. The Indian Ocean is massive. They’ve “relocated” the search coordinates many times by hundreds of miles.

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About 80 % of the earth is water, 4 times more likely to hit water then the dirt.

The Malaysian government hasn’t fabricated anything and the garbage if all over the Indian Ocean.

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1) It’s not the Malaysian govt…they’re just a mouthpiece.
2) There is evidence, data has been analysed.
3) No cover up, not even the remotest hint.

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I am not susupicious of the Malaysian government, but I do think there is possibly another explanation for the plane’s disappearance besides it crashed into the water.

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Not really. It’s a big ocean. It’s not because we don’t know, or cannot figure it out, that it’s automatically some outrageous conspiracy theory.

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@JLeslie ~ ~ ~ Does this mean this ~ ~

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@Tropical_Willie I was thinking maybe the plane was hijacked and landed somewhere, although, I do admit as time passes I think that is less and less likely.

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You realize how vast the ocean is and how much garbage is floating around in our world’s oceans?

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I’m in the camp that the plane is 40,000 leagues under the sea somewhere.
I don’t go for most conspiracy theories, mostly the machinations of paranoid minds.

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@JLeslie I too entertained that possibility at first, but, possibility vs. probability.
The odds of landing a jet of that size and number of passengers on some isolated airstrip ( nothing is truly “isolated” anymore ) and managing to hide the plane and conceal/control that many humans, well…it would take at least 20 armed hijackers to maintain control of 200+ people. Then what? What would the intent be?

With no ransom/hostages demands that rules that theory out IMO.

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Bear in mind that if the plane flew on autopilot until it ran out of fuel, it would have glided down, a journey taking several minutes, ending in it hitting the ocean at approx 600mph.
That’s going to finish up pretty damn deep, way out of reach for now at least.
Someone summed it up perfectly on the news, worse than finding a needle in a haystack, no one knows which haystack to start looking in.

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Not minimizing the possible loss of life but, does anyone else think it is appalling that every time they find something it is garbage? If nothing else, at least this will show the world what a shithole we are creating.

Not that they will care and there are THOSE who will say that man is not at fault, it is naturally occurring garbage

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@rojo Haha…right, natural garbage islands. lol

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Yes. What needs doing is to get the passenger manifest and see who it was that needed vanishing.

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