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What was the best connection you ever had in your entire life about?

Asked by KNOWITALL (15285points) March 31st, 2014

Was it physical or mental? What makes that one particular experience or person unforgettable?

For myself, it was a relationship with an older man, who played me like a violin, it was the most wonderful experience I had before or since.

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Sexual – A romantic one night event when I was 17 with the rain howling and the river rushing outside the house windows.

Platonic – The friendship I now have with a wonderful younger guy who gets me emotionally more than any other guy I’ve known so far.

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@janbb Wow, love it! :)

So have you ever had both in one person?

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@KNOWITALL Not yet. Still looking…..

Thinking about it, my first serious boyfriend probably came the closest until he cheated on me with another woman.

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My best friend. We grew up together, and no one could ever see through me, like he did. When he died, I knew I would always have to use words to communicate, because no one else just knew me. I never had to tell him who I was. He already knew.
And I swear, I felt it when he died. It’s as if a part of me was ripped out of my body, and I couldn’t breathe. When he died, I might have died too.

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Here on Earth in the flesh? Hasn’t happened yet.

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It’s spiritual and about coming to understand the pointing of a particular guru and catching a whiff or better of my inner guru.

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It was my Rottweiler. I got her when I was 19, she was with me for 8 years. We moved 4 times, to 4 places unknown to me, with no friends already living there. I referred to her as my courage. No matter how lonely I would get I knew she’d let me lay on her and cry. I knew she’d never leave me, nor want to. Once she grew out of the puppy years I never had to reprimand her or direct her. She was voice trained and just existed as an extension of me. I lost a small part of my soul when she died.

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Broadband, me & the wifi have a very close relationship.

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I had a long distance relationship that was intense both physically and mentally and we connected on so many levels.

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Bike: 1991 Eddy Merckx Corsa SL- 2005 Campagnolo Record Ergo components including carbon fiber crank and titanium cogset options. Custom 32 spoke rear, 28 spoke front wheelset by DTSwiss:

All day comfortable, silky smooth yet responsive, gear changes are almost telepathic. Close ratio 11–21 cogset means always having the perfect ratio for all situations. Cinelli cork ribbon wrapped handlebar feels like velvet. Selle Italia Flite Titanium saddle in white perforated leather is minimalist and is a nod to cycling’s earlier eras. it’s mass is measured in grams.

Car: 1996 (DC1) Honda Integra- Nearly flawless seating position, world class ergonomics, Rod actuated shift linkage with added urethane bushings feels like a well oiled rifle bolt. Power steering delete provides exceptional response and feel along with uprated synthetic bushings on 24mm front sway bar. Car heads where I point it (with a glance) with minimum effort or need for corrections. Steering response is further augmented with a factory GS-R front strut tower brace.

Eibach Pro Kit suspension springs lowers car 1.3 inches providing flatter cornering, less squat and dive under acceleration and increases feedback to driver. 45 profile Nitto Neo-Gen tires made specifically for cars with increased camber due to lowering tracks true and provides greater response and roadholding that stock setup. Larger yet lighter than stock Enkei wheels reduce unsprung weight and rotating mass.

Mild weight reduction program: Terrestrial radio antenna and motor, rear hatch floor and carpets deleted, rear wiper and motor delete, rear bumper beam delete, spare tire delete add to front weight bias improving neutral handling and reduces undercar aerodynamic turbulence at speed.

This machine-human symbiosis is difficult to appreciate without a demonstration.

But interacting with them brings a familiar and confidence inspiring result that must be experienced to be believed.

Interacting with these two machines is like great sex: As natural and instinctive as taking a breath.

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Officially hot description. My marriage is my fourth intergenrational relationship.


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Aside from my partner, I have a very close relationship with @anniereborn; we’ve yet to meet in the flesh but I’ve known her online for three years and we connect deeply on many levels.

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Best connection, my goose Marwyn that I raised from a wee gosling. He turns 16 this year. Yep, the love of my life.
I’ve had random moments with people, in relationship, love my daughter, have had some great times with friends, but my deepest connections come from animals and nature.

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Well, with T-Moblie they are few and far between but about three weeks ago I had a call that was not cut off or fading in and out.

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My (second) husband. We connected in a way I’d never experienced before on our very first date, during one lovely conversation in the dark. We just seemed perfectly suited to one another on a very deep level. The mind-mesh was so solid it was nearly audible when it happened. CLICK! I don’t think I will ever forget that feeling.

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My fiancĂ© is like an extension of me like nothing I’ve ever experienced before – we are very much in sync with one-another and hardly need to speak in order to be understood. Physically, mentally and emotionally, we just are so natural together. It’s wonderful.

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