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Why do people in relationships "comment" over FaceBook with eachother?

Asked by pleiades (6597points) March 31st, 2014

I would think they’d be able to call or text each other at the very least if they don’t live with each other already.

Sorry for the elitist tone, I cannot rephrase for the life of me without it sounding the way it does

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Usually I see it as adding to a group conversation.

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Obviously they want everyone to know that they are in a relationship and better than you.

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When it comes to FB, a lot that people do makes zero sense. People post photos of food all the time – it’s like, ok, you are having food. They post photos of drinks – ok, you’re drinking. WOW! I have friends tell me they have unfriended people just because they don’t want them to see their stuff. There’s something called Privacy Settings, people. Learn how to use them. My mom tells me she doesn’t do FB because we have a relative who posts incredibly sappy, unrealistically cheery things that I find amusingly annoying but my mom just finds them annoying. There are ways to not follow people’s posts – FB allows for all sorts of settings that enable us to see what we want to see and hide what we want to hide.

With people in relationships on FB, it may be no different than they comment on any other friend’s posts, or it may be that they want the world to see how intimate they are with each other. Who knows.

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An uncontrollable urge to display.

(Drop the quotation marks around “comment.”)

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@pleiades I hate Facebook for that reason. My wife lives on Facebook for good reason as she promotes her yoga business on Facebook but also promotes a lot about our family comings and goings that drives me crazy! I do not feel it is our duty to alert the world as to our every move. I wonder how many divorces Facebook is responsible for?

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Maybe I don’t understand since my husband doesn’t do Facebook. To you mean they get all goo goo eyed at each other on Facebook or just comment on a photo or something?

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Sometimes on FB I tag my husband so he reads an article or sees and adds to his calendar an upcoming local event.

Why don’t we call or text one another instead? FB is an efficient means of communication, as are emails for us. It would take extra time for me to link an article or event via email. Also, my husband is the IT guy in the family, I’m not as savvy on adding things onto his calendar, etc.

It’s rare that my husband has the same downtime as I have. Contacting him at work really makes little sense to me.

As for texting, I keep a cell only for emergencies. I don’t even know how to text on my phone…No Joke. Since we don’t text we don’t have a texting plan, so texts are costly when my husband does respond to family/friends on the rare occasion.

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@gailcalled I quoted comment not to be confused with tagging or messaging, it’s more precise and beneficial to the question.

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@SpatzieLover I could see how that’s valid. I have this one guy, with his girl he always does that. The weird part for me is when my other friend and his girlfriend “comment chat.” :X

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I dumped FB in 2011…it was so, so, mundane, self aggrandizing, dull.
Jesus mercy, I do NOT CARE about your kitchen remodel, your grandkids latest and greatest cutesy moment, your relationship status….how droll, how obnoxiously boring. I had a whopping 17 friends, all people I knew and interacted with IRL on a regular basis, opened my account primarily to share photos of some of my travels with long distance friends…but, it was just too narcissistic a podium for me.

One of the final FB straws was when a now ex friend and travel companion “tagged” like my entire photo album. I woke up to about 75 ” your photo has been tagged” emails. Fuck…just shoot me.
Goodbye FB, which I called ” My face.” lol

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We comment chat sometimes, too @pleiades. Usually it’s about the article/information posted, though. It’s not like we’re airing our dirty laundry publicly or anything like that.

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They want everyone to know how in love they are. I have a couple of friends that do this. It’s almost as obnoxious as those, “I have the best boyfriend in the world!” status updates. Ugh…

It seems as if people are desperate to convince people that they’re incredibly, blissfully happy. Pretty needy, I think.

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They just want to share. It’s about settings, you can decide what to see. I hate when people post dumb memes, nothing but, or their home business ads on their page, feels like spam, so I unfollow that stuff. But I like seeing people’s vacations, kids, houses, projects, all that stuff.

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I agree ^^. They’re showing off. Now, if they post any nudies, let us know. A little Tuesday voyeurism helps me get through the week.

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