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How to quit smoke marijuana?

Asked by Dprkgang (1points) July 2nd, 2008 from iPhone

I don’t want my good buddy smoke marijuana everyday. Please give me good advices. Thanks a bunch

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Ease him off on to nice, harmless tobacco. mmm tobacco.
Or you could try Rehab,
Or hide his stash

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just flush it all down the toilet and tell your friends you’ve quit, and just…quit, it’s not like you need it…

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There is nothing you can do, and the tactic you are taking now will cause alienation between you two. An addict has to want it. If you are really concerned, stage your own type of intervention. Tell him, honestly, with only his well-being in mind, and with no arrogance or intent at edification, that you are worried about him and want better for him. If there are other people who feel the same, get them involved.

Before you do this though, ask yourself if you think his habit is really an addiction, in the sense that it is taking over his life. If this is not the case, lay off. You are his friend not his mom.

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Marijuana is literally harmless compared to tobacco.

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Marijuana itself isn’t addictive. There are no substances in the marijuana that makes the body want it, the way tobacco does. Usually heavy users have problems they want to escape from.

So I’d advice you to look into your friends problems, help them be resolved and the marijuana use will decrease.

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Most people smoke Marijuana responsibly, can’t speak for those that do not. Cigarettes as Jax said contain nicotine, which causes the user to become addicted.

The amount of cigarettes people smoke, outweigh a joint by ten fold. Think about it, most smokers smoke what? A few boxes a day?

Might I also add, you’re also smoking a plant compared to man made toxins. Choose wisely.

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Here is a link that might be useful. Good luck with this here’s hoping that your kind gesture to help will not be taken for granted and this person will listen to you.

All you can do is try then it is up to the person themselves as to weather they want to or not

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thank you to all people that gave me good answers! Thanks a lot

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Ahh your welcome

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Smoking a joint is equivalent to 20 cigarettes in terms of lung cancer risk, there are 20 cigarettes in a pack.
im not saying that people should go out and start smoking cigarettes. I just think people need to be aware of the health risks associated with smoking weed.

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my dude smokes at least 7~8 fat joint everyday almost for year. Crazy.. He said he doesn’t feel that much high even smoking good weed. He said its like $25 per gram. Isn’t it expensive? I thought weed was cheap..

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I just don’t smoke anything. It’s great really.

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Marijuana is very harmful. I had to research it for a project and it can cause cancer and those trying to quit can experience withdrawal symptoms as bad as or worse than someone trying to stop smoking tobacco

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Well I don’t have any advice to add, but my uncle has been smoking pot since he was like 14, he’s 57 now. Even though people say that pot is non-habit forming, it just forms habits slower than other drugs. My uncle HAS to smoke pot every day, it’s an addiction he has that is just plain terrible. Try to get your friend off of pot soon if you think it will take a turn for the worse.

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Other heavy (daily) marijuana smokers have also told me they were addicted to it.

You do need to remember you cannot make your friend do anything. You can tell your friend you think he should quit and why (if you can get other people to join in that is good), but after that you can only control your behavior. You might decide that as long as he smokes pot, you won’t be around him. Or you will only be around him when he is not smoking pot. Once you decide, stick to that.

Even if it breaks up the friendship in the short term, he may appreciate it and you later.

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Common sense tells you that smoking anything is probably not the greatest thing for your lungs. However, I think the more damaging aspect of pot addiction (and I do believe it is addicting) is its negative impact on relationships, emotional health and personal and career development… Unless you’re Willie Nelson I suppose. Take your friend on a bike ride and get him involved in exercise. It might be the first step on a path away from the dope.

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Chee, I have no idea where you are getting these facts, its kind of funny. One joint is 20 cigarettes? Lets approach that scientifically. You make this claim without distinguishing the size of a joint. If you’re telling 0.5 grams of marijuana is equal to twenty smokes, I suggest you go back to school, more specifically, grade school. What we’re dealing with here is carcinogens, and yes, pot has more carcinogens then cigarettes do. THC, as its widely known now and accepted by the scientific community has a plethora of uses (cancer, tumors, glaucoma, arthritis, etc) See for yourself. Cigerettes have and always will be MUCH more dangerous than marijuana. Your statements astound me; I didn’t think people still believed the fallacy spread by your government (im jumping on a limb assuming you’re from the states).

Be that as it may, marijuana is a habit forming drug – mentally/psychologically whereas a drug like heroin is a physical dependence. You know what else is mentally addicting? Chocolate, soda, food, sugar. Just ask overweight people trying to cut down on food. Maybe we should be sugar illegal. After all, obesity kills more people per year than marijuana. In fact, deaths from marijuana last year totalled a world wide record of zero. Thats probably because no one has ever died smoking marijuana, as it is scientifically impossible to OD on it without consuming some inane amount (something around 50x your body weight within a very short period of time). You’ll fall asleep before dying.

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Cannabis bigger cancer risk than cigarettes: study
Tue Jan 29, 2008 4:45am EST
(Reuters) – Smoking a joint is equivalent to 20 cigarettes in terms of lung cancer risk, scientists in New Zealand have found, as they warned of an “epidemic” of lung cancers linked to cannabis.

Studies in the past have demonstrated that cannabis can cause cancer, but few have established a strong link between cannabis use and the actual incidence of lung cancer.

In an article published in the European Respiratory Journal, the scientists said cannabis could be expected to harm the airways more than tobacco as its smoke contained twice the level of carcinogens, such as polyaromatic hydrocarbons, compared with tobacco cigarettes.

The method of smoking also increases the risk, since joints are typically smoked without a proper filter and almost to the very tip, which increases the amount of smoke inhaled. The cannabis smoker inhales more deeply and for longer, facilitating the deposition of carcinogens in the airways.

“Cannabis smokers end up with five times more carbon monoxide in their bloodstream (than tobacco smokers),” team leader Richard Beasley, at the Medical Research Institute of New Zealand, said in a telephone interview.

“There are higher concentrations of carcinogens in cannabis smoke… what is intriguing to us is there is so little work done on cannabis when there is so much done on tobacco.”

The researchers interviewed 79 lung cancer patients and sought to identify the main risk factors for the disease, such as smoking, family history and occupation. The patients were questioned about alcohol and cannabis consumption.

In this high-exposure group, lung cancer risk rose by 5.7 times for patients who smoked more than a joint a day for 10 years, or two joints a day for 5 years, after adjusting for other variables, including cigarette smoking.

“While our study covers a relatively small group, it shows clearly that long-term cannabis smoking increases lung cancer risk,” wrote Beaseley.

“Cannabis use could already be responsible for one in 20 lung cancers diagnosed in New Zealand,” he added.

“In the near future we may see an ‘epidemic’ of lung cancers connected with this new carcinogen. And the future risk probably applies to many other countries, where increasing use of cannabis among young adults and adolescents is becoming a major public health problem.”

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That study still hasn’t told you how big that joint is.

on a side note, I went to the Bodies Exhibit in New York yesterday (July 3rd) on display in one of the galleries, they had a plastic box with a cutout that you could put your cigarettes into (surprisingly there were hundreds of boxes) it was right in the section where they showed the smokers lungs, which where covered in black substances.

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I forgot that you are a much more reliable source than the scientists~

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You must do your research before you fully give in to these studies.

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You should take your own advice. I smoke weed and I smoke cigarettes, I’m not going to sit here and glorify smoking anything…...
Ignorance is not bliss….....I know the risks that I take in life.
I would love if you would find some articles that prove the information I posted as being wrong, articles must be from 2008 and from a reliable medical source/ magazine/ newspaper only, (no blogs, only credible sources)

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No, I will not. That’s the last thing I will do.

Why would a reliable medical source, magazine or newspaper tell the truth about Marijuana to the public?

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@crunchweezy Paranoia is one of the first signs of overuse, dude.

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Overuse, please.

You don’t see anyone talking about cigarette abuse, do you?

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Do you mean other than the government?

“Through the use of cigarettes, cigars, and chewing tobacco, nicotine is one of the most heavily used addictive drugs in the United States.”

“Analyzing data from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH), CASA researchers found that teens who smoke are nine times more likely to meet the medical criteria for past year alcohol abuse or dependence and 13 times more likely to meet the medical criteria for abuse and dependence on an illegal drug compared with teens who don’t smoke.”

Or Doctors?

“Nicotine is one of the most heavily used addictive drugs in the United States. Cigarette smoking has been the most popular method of taking nicotine since the beginning of the 20th century.

In 1989, the U.S. Surgeon General issued a report that concluded that cigarettes and other forms of tobacco, such as cigars, pipe tobacco, and chewing tobacco, are addictive and that nicotine is the drug in tobacco that causes addiction. In addition, the report determined that smoking was a major cause of stroke and the third leading cause of death in the United States.”

Or The World Health Organization?

“Nicotine Addiction

Besides being a potent pesticide, nicotine is one of the most addictive substances known. Tobacco use by adolescents, which may have started primarily for psychosocial reasons, may over time become a serious drug addiction. Initial symptoms of nicotine dependence may occur in some teens within days to weeks of onset of use. Nicotine seems to function as a positive reinforcer through its actions on nicotinic acetylcholine receptors in the mesocorticolimbic dopamine pathway. Besides nicotine, cigarettes contain tar, a toxic compound as well as literally thousands of other chemicals, many poisonous and cancer causing, including ammonia, cadmium, carbon monoxide, cyanide, formaldehyde, nitrosamines, and polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons.”

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What I meant was, not many people talk about it like they do with Marijuana.

And why do they call it “heavy use”? You can use anything heavily, but abuse is a different story.

spending a lot of time on that reply, delerium?

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Are you fucking kidding me? LOL
every other commercial on tv is about tobacco being bad for you (have you noticed the lack of ads on tv for any brand of cigarette? Its been almost 10 years since the last time I saw a marlboro ad) . I even recall seeing a commercial from one of the drug free companies, in which they down played the effects of smoking weed on teens (the 3 kids just sitting on the couch stoned instead of out having fun sober).
To be honest with you I think you just couldnt find the information I asked for, so you made up some bullshit reason why you won’t find the information…......and that’s fine, it only proves to me that you don’t know what your talking about.

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This is a fascinating debate. But the “paranoia” response was excellent.

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i seriously don’t get this debate, it’s just wrong, it’s bad for you, we all know that, so why would you do it? well, we all feel a little self destructive, but why…why on earth would you even defend it ?

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Let’s end this on what I really want to say.

You’re smoking a plant when smoking Marijuana, yes it harms you in the long run and so does pollution. You’re smoking man made toxins with cigarettes. If you want to feel good, even though smoking has no long term benefits (except for maybe Lil Wayne) and smoking anything is harmful, choose wisely.

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Sol Lightman is a chemist at the university of Massachusetts.

I encourage you to read that as it answers a lot of the questions raised.

Why would I defend it? Why is everyone so against it? People that use it fail in life? So do people that drink. Hell, I no a lot of failures that eat food and dont smoke or drink. You can’t hate on something for the people that make it look bad. Marijuana is a good drug when used responsibly.

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@lolwtf Although apparently it has a very negative effect on spelling and the ability to think well enough to construct meaningful sentences.

“Hell, I no a lot of failures that eat food and dont smoke or drink.” Huh?

“You can’t hate on something for the people that make it look bad.” Huh?

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@ Marina
What’s so hard to understand?

• He’s saying that Marijuana doesn’t make you a failure because of it’s use, so he compares is to people that eat food and don’t use any drugs which end up to be failures.

• It’s like comparing drunk drivers to casual and responsible drinkers, why would you hate on alcohol just because one individual decided to drink while they’re intoxicated?

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@crunchaweezy It was inarticulately phrased in the extreme. I understood it; I was commenting on how poorly it was said.

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Pot doesn’t necessarily make any one a failure for having used it, friends. But it is my belief that there is a cost, an incalculable cost, for long term use of the drug. That price you pay is the lost promise to yourself for the things you didn’t attempt, let alone achieve, because a large part of an average day was spent only in pursuit of the next buzz. Over time that pattern has a way of repeating itself so that nothing about your experience ever changes. You wake up one day, 17 years down the road, doing exactly the same thing: looking for your next buzz, living roughly the same lifestyle, doing roughly the same job. And if you are smart and have promise, or the potential to be a leader in your community, in law, medicine, politics or any other endeavor then you have failed to fulfill that promise and that is a loss to your community, or perhaps country. And don’t get me wrong. I am a firm believer in the proposition that all work is honorable. But if you’re simply coasting along—when you could be leading—then you have cheated not only yourselves but everyone else as well. I take it you are young, with many years in front of you. If so I suppose my message doesn’t resonate with you and seems stale and trite. Experience tells me that the inexperienced prefer trial and error to advice. So be it. But I defy you to point out to me your pot smoking school board members, your pot smoking city councilmen, your pot smoking legislators, your pot smoking physicians, your pot smoking supreme court justices, your pot smoking airline pilots, your pot smoking ship’s captains and on and on. Nor do your analogies regarding food and alcohol addictions buttress your attempts to justify your position on pot smoking. They are inapposite. To be sure, alcohol and food addictions extract their own toll, but the subject is pot, a substance that time has decidedly shown to be of little value in spawning leadership. I wish you the best friends, and I also hope that with the benefit of time you do not look back with regret because you missed a golden opportunity while you were searching for your next high.

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My apologies for the atrocious and utterly incomprehensible sentence structure. I shall attempt to articulate myself in a vocabulary in which you can understand. The first point I was establishing that you could not grasp was that people are going to screw up regardless of whether they indulge in drugs (alcohol, marijuana, what have you) and that to generalize pot smokers into one category is naive. You are you not viewing it from the larger picture; rather you choose to employ tunnel vision and only hear what you want to.

The second point in which I was trying to establish ties into the latter sentence I wrote. You are categorizing smokers into one category. Though, expierence shows that you don’t care and will not change your mind. The most I can do is merely try to show you the other side, though you’re entitled to your own opinions.

As for Standswithacane:

Mayor Bloomberg:
Judge Lawrence Korda:
Stephen Jay Gould: (I should note he taught at Harvard University)
Teachers: There are a ton of them, google.

You would be surprised how many people smoke marijuana for relaxation and still live promising and fulfilling lives.

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@lolwtf Can you say projection?

lolwtf's avatar

Yeah, can you say gullible?

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@ lolwtf, one last thing before I quit this thread forever. Your flaccid response to my, at least somewhat rhetorical query regarding pot smokers is telling. In this post boomer’s age it’s easy to find people who have tried pot at one time or another. He’ll, they’re a dime a dozen. Its quite another thing, however, to find any reputable being who advocates dope smoking as a pathway to achievement. And citing as references anything from the Norml website is laughable. And for the record I do believe there are legitimate medicinal uses for pot, but there can be no such thing as “smoking responsibly.” In any event, have a good time , work and pay your social security taxes.

And citing as references the NORML

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Ironically, I never stated smoking pot was good for you or that it would lead to academic success, just like one would not say drinking copious amounts of beer will land a good job. My point was that if a person is motivated enough they will succeed in whatever field they pursue.

Evidently, you chose to misinterpret what I was saying – and even overlook the daunting facts that have been made available to you. Pot smoking it bad for you, no doubt, just like no reputable person advocated having a high cholesterol or starting smoking..

Have fun living in your bubble.

PS Don’t go outside. The larger the hole in the ozone gets the worse off the sun is on your skin.

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this marina person. hhhhhhh from the moment i saw u took 20 ciggy’s for one joint i knew that you would not have been a credible source. Especially the level of importance and revere that you hold the year in which a certain study was conducted. These New Zealand scientists also believe that lung cancer rates will go up in the future. Ya it will… population is increasing, and more 11 year old children are quick to pick up a ciggy, more so than in the past. The scientists there sure have a firm grip of the obvious… :/ been fun watching your slow defeat Marina ;))

“If your If was a spliff, We’d be all fucked up”

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and cheebdragon – u guys teamed up for a bs-a-thon?

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the weed resin that lives on my lips, should be layed on your forehead

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sorry marina- wrong name..

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The most recent study, published in the Journal of Psychopharmacology in May 2008,[14] investigated the acceptability and usefulness of intrapulmonary THC administration using a Volcano Vaporizer and pure THC instead of cannabis. Rising doses of THC (2, 4, 6 and 8 mg) were administered with 90 minutes intervals to twelve healthy males. Very low between-subject variability was observed in THC plasma concentrations, characterising the Volcano Vaporizer as a suitable method for the administration of THC.

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Marijuana’s not like other shit. He’ll quit once he wants to. If he doesn’t want to he’ll keep smoking unless he get arrested and has to take piss tests frequently. Then he would really need it cause someone thinks it’s a good idea to control a natural herb. Some stoners tend to take a break from it as long as no one pressures them.

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