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How many cats is too many?

Asked by tinyfaery (44115points) July 2nd, 2008

I have 4 cats. I had two, and no intentions of having more, but 3 years ago I found 2 kittens in a tree, and, well, you know. Just recently, I brought a stray that hung around my work home with her 3 week old kittens. I found homes for all the kittens, but now what to do with mama (who I call Cali the Calico)? I do not need, or really want, another cat. I’m already 1 cat over the limit according to the law. I am too much of an animal lover to take her to the shelter, and I cannot find a rescue that will take an adult cat. Plus, she has lived on the street her whole life, and is skittish. I can deal with her (cause I am a cat woman), but as far as someone else adopting her, I just don’t know. Since she has been at my house, she is getting better, but she still exhibits signs of stress, and she seems to want to go outside. What to do? Do I have any other options?

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My aunt has 23 cats, it’s crazy. Just don’t get carried away, 4 is nothing..

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It depends on how much time for attention and cleaning, space for housing, and money for medical care that you have. If you can’t supply any of these adequately for a new individual, then you shouldn’t add any more.

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I have 2 cats and they are just fine. But zero would be a good number also.

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My parent’s neighbors were Catholic, and their cats were, too. 32 is too many.

My aunt in Portland had a friend living in a 1 BR apartment with six cats. She was definitely a cat lady, but her somehow her apartment was impeccably clean.

You could consider Cali a 1/2 cat and treat her as more of an outdoor cat. That’s what an old gf of mine did to avoid having three. (So she had 2.5.)

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how many is too many… agree with cprevite, 1

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I agree with cprevite, one

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I have two. I feel like we might be able to handle another, but no more. So my answer is three.

Is this your aunt?

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Give it up, tinyfaery. You now have at least 4.5 or 5 cats. Do NOT rescue any more cats. You cannot singlehandedly save every cat in the world. Also, if you decide to let the new cat out, make sure she is spayed first.

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2 is a good number

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Be sure to get them FIXED or soon you will have a lot more to worry about.

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1 < x < 3 where x = ideal number of cats.

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To me it sounds like you have an addition to the family! If you can do all the things that syz suggested, you may as well keep her. Good luck!

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Just keep buying cats until you spend all day inside and throw them at the postman. Then you’ve probably hit the mark.

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When the smell begins to bother people, you have too many cats. So it depends on the person (and probably the cat[s], too). Some people can keep a half a dozen cats and manage to keep their house from reeking. Some people have one and you walk in and get knocked back by the stench.

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@MacBean good point!

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I guess I have the room, as long as they are not all in one place at one time. Sometimes I think they could kill me if they really wanted to. I have the money, and my house is clean and odor free. I think Marina has it—I can’t save every animal. I guess I have to accept that I now have 5 cats (or maybe 4.5)!!

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I have four cats and I would love to have two more. So my final answer is 6! :-)
Seriously that is the most anyone should have unless you are a rescue.
Just for the record my husband has forbidden me to get anymore pets until there is more room at the inn. I am currently plotting a sly way to sneek in two more kitties.:-P
Have you ever considered fostering? There are pleanty of unwanted kitties out there that need temporary shelter until they can find a forever home. ( The hard part is not getting attached.)

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Some folks here seem to think she already has too many cats. But, do you think that society sees it the same as a person who has four dogs? I can name many celebrities or people from TV who delight in showing the world how many dogs they can take in. Is there a double standard? How many dogs is too many?

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@breedmitch~ 3

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So Oprah and Martha Stewart and don’t look like crazy dog people because they have 4+ dogs? Is it because they’re rich and have people to take care of them? Or does it really boil down to the smell? For the record: I have two and the Roomba and the Littermaid have us all living in Jetson Bliss!

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who are you arguing with? Yourself?

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I wasn’t trying to start an argument, just a discussion. I think society is all too eager to label someone with 4 cats “the crazy cat lady” while TV personalities like Oprah or the real estate guy from “Flipping Out” on Bravo get to have a whole pack of adopted dogs and no one says “boo.”

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you would think that a cat might be a more conveniant pet for them to have since cats are much more indapendent than dogs…....

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@breedmitch: I think you’re assuming a little bit too much of a blanket on the crazy cat lady tag. It really depends on the person. If they have 4 cats, a big house so they aren’t all constantly in the same room, and live a normal life, then they probably aren’t a crazy cat lady.

If they buy more cats than they have space for and spend all day inside, then you have a crazy cat lady.

Like I said; you’ve hit the mark once you start throwing them at the postman.

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When you can no longer adequately care for/clean up after/control your pets…you have too darn many.
However, if you have the facilities and the wherewithal to maintain a menagerie, I say go for it! wish I could

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