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How can I get cheap or free dog ?

Asked by Dprkgang (1points) July 2nd, 2008 from iPhone

I like to have a any kind of dog but not much money on me. I live around Queens,NY

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Rescue centres (or centers for you).

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Try craigslist, in the “pet” page.

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The Animal Rescue League has many wonderful pets up for adoption.

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Make sure that if you plan to adopt a dog, you have the finances to care for it properly. That includes money for annual (or puppy) vaccines, spaying or neutering, and a fund for medical emergencies. Just being able to pay for dog food is not enough.

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Animal shelters is an option

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How about the SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals)? Those dogs are completely free. Back in the day, Bob Barker used to have dogs on the set of The Price is Right with him. Before the credits scrolled, he would tell about the dog, and always mention that he/she was free to a good home.

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It would be good to with a rescue or the ASPCA, because the dog will already have its shots and be spayed or neutered ( older dogs). You’ll also know the dogs health, background and energy level. Good luck.

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someone in your neighborhood probably has dogs that just gave birth to puppies. they usually give them away free. of course, you would probably be responsible for the shots and stuff. the other options above are also good and you can get an older dog too. but i provide this alternate solution because if i were to get a new pet, i always like to be with them since they were young. but that’s a matter of choice

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Well my grandfather is going to put his dog down unless he can find a home, if you want to come to Dallas then you can have his, I’m not joking.

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When you get the dog, there are low-cost spay and neuter clinics and low-cost vaccination places to help you keep it in good shape. Here is a link to a New York site on that, and they have adoption.

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Steal your neighbor’s.

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Costco sells ‘em for $1.50 and you get a free soda.

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We got our Lab (pure bred, but I couldn’t care less) off of Craigslist.
She was a beautiful dog who liked eating underwear and harassing the original owners other dog. She was perfect for us…and free.

We went to 3 rescue places but I felt like I was being interviewed by the FBI. I know they do that with good intentions but I think they took it too far, in our case. We had some batsh*t crazy woman in a glittery dog sweatshirt lecture us for an hour about how when we adopt one of ‘her’ dogs that it needs to be as important as our child. We stuck with craigslist and it worked out great.

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As other people have said check out craigslist, newspapers and freecycle. I don’t live in your state but my local freecycle lists pets prettty often.

Shelters sometimes charge an adoption fee. We got our dog for a rescue shelter for $85 which covered the cost of her shots, having her spayed (we had to wait three days to pick her up because of the surgery) and having a microchip implanted. Really for all they did $85 is cheap.

Good luck!

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hinkin shelter

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