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Is there an advantage to getting a Nook tablet over a regular tablet with a Nook app?

Asked by canidmajor (11513points) April 4th, 2014

Are there specific features that the Nook tablet has to enhance the e-reading experience that other tablets don’t? If you know of examples that would be helpful, I’d appreciate it.
Please note: this question is about the Nook brand. Please don’t suggest that I get a Kindle.

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No, there’s not. In fact, because of the versatility of a regular tablet over a Nook-brand tablet, there are some pretty good arguments for going with the tablet.

The only things that might sway me, if I had to make the choice, would be:

1) weight. How much does the Nook tablet weigh versus the tablet of your choice? You’ll be holding it and carrying it around. Depending on your arm strength, this might make a difference.

2) cost. If the Nook tablet is seriously significantly less expensive than the corresponding tablet, that might make a difference.

I personally got rid of my Nook device (not a nook tablet) and use the app on my tablet 100% of the time.

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There is absolutely no reason people should spend any money on a Nook. There is simply no cost or functionality advantage – and as @elbanditoroso stated, there are huge limitations to a Nook (or Kindle) that make them devices without justification.

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I have a Nook Tablet and I love it, but never owned or used any other tablets.

My Nook is a little heavy when I carry it in my purse, but to hold not any heavier than a hard back book.

I like that I can stop reading and go to an app and play a game, then come back to reading.

As for reading options, I don’t care for PDF’s as the print is too tiny for these old eyes and enlarging it (pinch/expand) makes the page off screen. The font can be changed for epub books, as well as the font and back ground color, so that makes it nice to change depending on where or what time of day/night you are reading.

I have used my tablet to use e-mail and watch shows. The sound was great when I used earphones, just ok without. Using e-mail and Facebook it wasn’t very cooperative.

I use mine mostly to download books using the Adobe Digital Edition, from the Library online. I use wifi, of course, to download apps or books from Barnes and Noble.

Fridays they offer a free book and app. They also have free game apps when you search, which is nice. I like the G5 Entertainment apps and the free ones change periodically so I can get new ones and not pay.

I pondered spending the $200 for my Nook Tablet for over a year, could not justify the expense. Then I received it for my birthday! I researched the Nook vs Kindle. Everyone I spoke with liked the Nook better. I now see a lot of free books advertised with the Kindle, but that would fill up my Nook and be the same as filling my house with books. If I want to reread a book, I can just go borrow it again from the library. That said, I do get some of the “Free Friday” books.

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I have the cheapest Kindle you can get, and I have a brand new Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 inch. I had a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 before this one.

I am not trying to recommend you get a Kindle or the Kindle app. I’m merely telling you what I have.

I do absolutely all my reading on my tablet. I rarely turn on my old Kindle. I used the app on the Tab 2, and now I use the app on the Tab Pro.

There’s a lot more you can do with a tablet that you can’t do with a Nook tablet. There are more apps, and if you need it, you’ve got a computer in the palm of your hand.

I am very happy using an ereading app on my tablet.

If you decide to get a tablet, I recommend a name brand for the quality. I love my Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro. It’s got the sharpest picture on the market. It’s thin and relatively light. I have hundreds of thousands of apps to choose from. It’s fun.

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@redhen4: I am already a Nook fan, I have the e-ink (Simple Touch) one that I use myself. I ask this because I’m considering gifting a tablet to a family member who has a B&N account. Does your Nook tablet have a feature for sorting ( the e-ink one has Shelves) and the notifications for Daily Deals and such without having to go out of App to another B&N shopping app?

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I guess I wasn’t clear enough in my details when I said ”...enhance the ereading experience…”. I understand what tablets do (I am using one as we speak), what I wondered was if there are Nook specific features that other tablets don’t have. The Nook app on my tablet does not have the features that I asked @redhen4 about.

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You need to take into consideration that the Nook may go the same route as the dinosaur. Extinct.

I would go with a tablet that will run the nook app. I would also check to be sure that if Barnes and Noble goes out of business, that the books can be converted to run on another application.

Over a month ago, all the Nook engineers were laid off.

I would do a lot of research before buying a Nook.

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@canidmajor Yes my nook has shelves and files. I had a few Daily Deal or shopping apps, but I put them into archive because I don’t shop much and I don’t think I could shop using the Nook anyway because it did not work as well as I’m guess a real tablet does.

@Wealthadvisor After I received my Nook I did hear about them going “extinct”. Their customer service sorta sucks. I had trouble with an app and got no where with them. The “app” people helped me a lot more. I knew if I could shut down and restart it may help my situation, but could not get a good answer from B&N. The app people told me how to shut down and restart, where the B&N people wanted me to deactivate then start over from the beginning. I’ve frozen a few time, now I know to just hold the off button till it does its thing (I was holding down the “N” which didn’t work!).

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Thanks @redhen4, good to know.

Well, @Wealthadvisor, those are some disheartening articles. Hopefully the B&N digital world will stay strong for a while.

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I have a Nook Color. I split the difference and turned it into a regular tablet by flashing Cyanogenmod.

I have all of the advantages of a Nook; low cost, and good build quality.

I have all of the advantages of a full tablet; Cyanogenmod is just vanilla Android, totally unlocked without any manufacturer add-ons or restrictions. In fact, it beats my phone in that regard, though possibly because CM11 is based on KitKat instead of Jelly Bean.

As a full-on Android, it can access Google Play. As a Nook, it sells for half the price of a Samsung or Dell tablet.

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