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Have you been molested by a dog recently, or, are we not that good of friends?

Asked by Adirondackwannabe (36523points) April 5th, 2014

Today I was up in my former partners office doing some work. His brother happened to be in and he came into the office while I was making some copies. We shook hands and I turned back to the copier and someone started butting my ass. I’m thinking hey we’re friends, but not that good of friends and I turn around to see what’s going on. And I see this gorgeous Brittany Spaniel. She was totally wacked to see me. It was his sister’s dog he was watching for the day. Have you ever had a weird experience where it turns out to be an enthusiastic dog or other animal?

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How did this make you feel?

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I was thinking what the fuck, and then I turned around to see the dog. and she jumped up on my chest and we hugged. I love dogs.

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I hate dogs. When they try that crap I just feel they want to use me and brag to the other dogs.

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she might have been a slut but she was a good slut.

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Haha @Adirondackwannabe! You remind me of this experience.

There used to be a house opposite mine. They kept quite a big and seemingly aggressive dog. But I can never explain why, everytime my family got out of the door in the morning that dog ran toward us and jumped onto us! He just looked at us and waved his tail, as if he was sooo much happy seeing us. He gave the real owner a hard time pulling him out of us.

My father said plainly that the dog was just crazy, and he was very annoyed with him. But I loved him. He was so sweet!

Too bad after some time the dog disappeared without reason. I want to see him now!

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@Mimishu1995 This dog was completely sweet. She jumped up on my chest with both feet and I just let stay there for a bit. She tried to kiss me.

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I cannot believe I’ll relive this awful memory for this question, but my older sister used to hold me down and let the dog dry hump me. I was screaming and crying but too small to stop either one of them. It’s still not funny.

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@Adirondackwannabe I would love to meet your dog too! I just don’t know why my father is annoyed about such a loving gesture…

@GloPro Really? Your sister did that to you? If I were your mom I would have thrown her to the nearest asylum!

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@Mimishu1995 It wasn’t my dog, but maybe I can get a pic next week, Have you been nuzzled in the ass lately. :)

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@GloPro That is sick. What would make anyone do that?

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Years ago I had a boyfriend that had a Doberman Pinscher named ” Trouble.”
One night I was at his place the dog was un-neutered and he was out for awhile.
I got on my hands and knees to change the channel on the TV in his living room and the dog came up behind me and started humping me!
I was scared to death, didn’t know the damn dog that well and he was a huge red Dobie.

I talked nicely to him and wiggled out of his grip. Freaking scary..I was afraid if I got aggressive he might attack me.
I do not like Dobermans at all.
No expression, evil, squinchy look. haha

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What if you known the dog well? What would have happened?

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@Imadethisupwithnoforethought I dunno…I was bitten by a doberman as a kid. This was the 70’s and my boyfriend was a cocaine dealer…kinda tells you why he had a doberman. haha

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Most dogs seem to want to destroy me. They just don’t like me. I’m dead scared of dogs though, so I guess they smell the fear? Or whatever? Can’t help it though. But I own two cats, maybe they smell the cat on me?
No dog has ever attacked me, but they growl or bark like mad at me. Oh well at least baboons don’t attack me at the zoo like they did to that kid in The Omen.

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@Symbeline I didn’t know you and dogs don’t get on well ~

I used to be bite by one dog. It was my neighbor’s. I was playing around with him when all of a sudden with no reason at all he ran toward me and before I knew it he had his nasty jaw on my leg! Luckily I wasn’t infected by that goddamned “dog’s disease”, but I came to fear that dog after this incident.

But that didn’t stop my love for dogs, because: 1. I used to own a dog; 2. That goddamned dog that bit me turned out to be plain crazy after all and everyone hated it. It was a good thing it died one day of old age.

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No. It is usually the other way around.

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I work with dogs and my personal space is invaded by them every day!! On Thursday I was the subject of a 5 month old Japanese Akita’s affections.

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@Adirondackwannabe Oh, my link didn’t work correctly.

Try this


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I’m off at college most of the time, but sometimes I go home on weekends. Whenever I do, my family’s dog wags her tail ridiculously fast and wants to lick my entire face clean. I wouldn’t consider that molesting though.
I’ve been humped by a couple of dogs though, but pretty much all the relatives on my mom’s side have dogs (there’s 7 of them total) so that’s not surprising. There’s a couple dogs on my dad’s side too- makes all those family reunions exciting :D

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