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Have you heard of or actually eaten cupcakes in a jar?

Asked by Aster (18381points) April 7th, 2014

I don’t know how new this is but a couple people are now millionaires from baking cupcakes and lowering them into Mason jars. Then they put lids on, wrap a ribbon around them and put custom made labels on them. They layer the contents so it is very colorful looking at the jars from the side. Have you heard of them?
The lady on Fox sold 750K last year and is projected to sell 2M this year at $7.99 each. The shipping is quite expensive if you want to mail them out.

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I have not seen this specifically, but I do see cute things in mason jars, and once ate a pudding out of a mason jar in a restaurant. I can assure you, it all looks very cute but is cumbersome to eat. Digging the spoon into the jar is clumsy and messy. It’s a better theory than reality. Pinterest has tons of things in mason jars, trust me, TONS. Very cute, very homey looking, very “Walton family” but the reality is different.

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My SO has offered to send cake in a jar, as in; make cake>squish into jar>ship to SO>watch as he tries to suck cake out of a jar. They haven’t sent one yet, nor probably will, because, as @jca said, it looks pretty, its just not practical.

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No, I have never been in a jar.

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I’ve been to restaurants that use mason jars as water glasses. They look incredibly cute, but it’s difficult and uncomfortable to drink from them.

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No, i’ve grown quite fond of my teeth see.

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@jca yes; I have seen the great looking things in jars on Pinterest. Was looking at them last night. I don’t see the major difficulty involved in eating them, though. You can buy wide mouthed jars and so what if there’s a little bit left in the corners? They make fantastic hostess or birthday gifts.
I guess the proof is in the sales projections spoken of on tv.

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@Aster: Even with a wide mouth jar, the difficulty is in the fact that you cannot access the food from the side – you are going straight down with the eating utensil and then having to pull it straight up. Like I said, looks charming and probably so popular for that reason, plus when it comes to something like pudding, it’s not only charming but it’s in its own little self contained container for making and serving. I would suggest trying it before you do it on a large scale. Make a bunch, put them into mason jars and then try to eat it. Please post an update.

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I was under the impression that they are actually baked in the jar. Seems that would be far less labor intensive. And obviously Mason jars do fine in the oven since they’re already tempered for use in canning.

I did see an episode on the Food Network where Kelsey baked cherry and apple pies in the jars for Christmas gifts. Looked like a really great idea.
Here it is :

(If you’re on computer, just remove the M for-mobile from the web addy.)

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Well, I stand corrected regarding the cupcakes. Unlike the pies, the cupcakes are cooked prior to putting them in the jars. My bad.

Here’s a tutorial for anyone wanting to start their own biz.

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@dappled_leaves My thoughts exactly.

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No, but I ate a Jack in the Box one time.

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No, but once I got cookies in a Pringles can. When I was in the service, my mom sent me a batch of my favorite cookies because I was injured and was laid up for a while. She made them all just the right size to fit the can, wiped the can and let it air out so my cookies wouldn’t taste like salty tators. It worked great. Not one cookie broke..

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Never even heard of this. :/

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@Symbeline: If you are on Pinterest, and you type in “Mason Jars” on the search bar, you’ll see all kinds of mason jar stuff. Or google images and you’ll find all kinds of food stuff involving mason jars.

Another thought about a cupcake in a mason jar, if it’s in paper (like most cupcakes are) and you’re chasing it around inside the jar with a spoon or fork (or spork, lol), I would think the cupcake wouldnt sit still, as it would just revolve around inside the jar.

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@jca I’m sorry. I have no intention of ever making any. They are mostly purchased as gifts. And none of them have paper inside. The cupcake is easily accessible since WIDE MOUTH JARS are used. It would be similar to eating out of a little cup like a small Blizzard or Sonic Blast which are both ice cream in cups.

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@Aster: I understand. However, it is a more pleasant sounding concept than it is in reality. I understand WIDE MOUTH jars are used. It’s still not as practical as eating a cupcake not baked or placed in a jar. It’s not like eating a little cup of ice cream. A little cup of ice cream is in a little cup, not a WIDE MOUTH jar with high sides.

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You can buy wide mouthed jars with low sides. And try to mail cupcakes on holidays to relatives in paper only. In jars, it’s being done successfully.

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I should think it would work best inverted. If the goodies were stacked on the lid, then the jar lowered over it, then all a person would have to do it unhook the lid, lift the jar, and the treat would sit there on the lid. Otherwise, I agree that it sounds like too much difficulty and mess to bother.

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