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Which video should I choose?

Asked by Mimishu1995 (14940points) April 8th, 2014

I have just downloaded two video files with the same content to compare their quality and choose the better one. But it turned out that two videos seems to have the same quality as well. One is a bit larger than the other, but has a slightly lower resolution. I decided to check out the enclosed txt files coming along with the two files. And here are what I extract from them:

File 1:
Resolution…........: 960×720
FPS…...............: 24 fps
Video….............: X264 3 386 Kbps (OA: 3 610 Kbps)
Aspect ratio…......: 4:3
Audio….............: English, AC-3 2.0 224 Kbps

File 2:
VIDEO CODEC…: x264, 2pass, L4.1
FRAMERATE…..: 24.000 fps
BITRATE…....: 7050kbps
RESOLUTION….: 896×720 (5:4)
AUDIO…......: English AC3 2.0 @ 224 kbps
SOURCE….....: Blu-ray 1080p ITA AVC DD2.0-HDCLUB (thx xamster)

So according to the information, which video file should I choose?

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All I know is Blue ray has the best video and audio quality. I hope someone helps you find out the best video based on the information above. Always the best judge is our own eyes!

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I would say the first one.
The second one seems to have cut 64px off the sides.

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@Smitha “All I know is Blue ray has the best video and audio quality”
Not even close. Blu-Ray movies are only 1080p

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Have you watched them?

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@Brian1946 I have watched them and as I said before, they have the same quality. Except the second file seems to have less resolution than the first, but that’s not very noticeable.

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The audio details seem to be identical, so am I correct in concluding that the sound qualities are equal?

How much disk space is each one using?

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The first one is smaller than the second. And that’s pretty confusing to me because I don’t think the larger file is of worse quality than the smaller, given that they are both .mkv files. There must be something that makes the file larger.

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Are the run times equal?

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Because the first one has greater horizontal resolution and uses less disk space, I’d say keep it.

If you’re not sure that you want to delete the second one, perhaps you can transfer it to an external drive.

It could be that the second one uses more disk space because it has source and chapter data, whereas the first one apparently doesn’t.

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