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What are electricity and water bills like in Chula Vista, CA?

Asked by nmguy (528points) April 12th, 2014

I’m moving into a two-story, 1,800 s.f. house in Chula Vista, CA, in a few weeks and am trying to figure out a budget. The house has small front and back yards, and I’ll be living alone. Can anyone give me an estimate of what I’ll be paying for electricity and water?

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If you bought the house the realtors often have historical info about utility bills that previous residents paid. Utility companies might give you the same info if they can verify you are the new resident.
That said, in Chula Vista, CA, the winters will be mild so heating costs will be moderate. But you might spend a bit on air-conditiioning depending on how close to ocean breezes you are.

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It will also depend on how profligate or conservative you are with your usage. Three showers a day or twice a week? Under water,quick soap, rinse and out, or linger for 20 minutes soaking the aches? LIghts and gadgets on and running everywhere? Or nor?

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California electric bills can be really high. Especially in the summer. I was shocked when I first moved there.
I own apartments and when asked this question I always answer that it really depends on your usage. Some people handle the heat better and are good at keeping their A/C at 78 or 79 degrees and can keep their bill down. Personally, even in a small apartment in the mid 1980’s my summer bills could exceed $300. When I was in a bigger house (3000+ Square feet) summer bills often exceeded $1000 but I didn’t like being to hot and kept the house cooler than some.

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Apart from the other reasonably well-qualified responses, this might be a good starting place.

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