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What is your "theme"?

Asked by Mimishu1995 (14951points) April 12th, 2014

You know, the thing that you love the most, the thing that you love so much that you associate it with you, the thing that you want people to think about it when they think about you.

To give you more insight into what I’m getting at, here’s an example: this character . At first sign, you may think he is a cowboy, but in fact he isn’t. He’s a police detective from the video game Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, but he has an obsession for the Wild West, so he does everything to show his love to the Wild West, from making himself looks like a cowboy to decorate his office with Wild West stuff. I just ask if anyone associate themselves with a “theme” in a similar way…

What is your “theme”?

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I don’t have one.

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Pointing people to the True and Living God; even though they…......

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That is insulting to people that believe in another god, @Hypo.

You not so long ago told me that insulting god is way worse than saying something nasty about a person and now you are calling your god the one and only.

In the likely chance that your and my god are different, your answer will be flagged by me.

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Sorry, @Mimishu1995

I was about to answer to your question and found myself pulled in again…

Anyways… My theme?

My family. I can truly say there is nothing more important to me than my wife and two children.

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It would be, of course, Ryu’s theme

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Being conscious of the needs of others and acting on this understanding.

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Thelonious Monk’s Round Midnight

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Creative Bohemian gal that loves geese and nature and country living.

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@Coloma I can’t tell you how jazzed I was when I found out my Grandfather’s mother was born in Bohemia.

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Nature….nature near water.

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@Coloma Yep, that seems to be your theme.

My current theme is this stinkin puppy. He goes everywhere with me and if he isn’t with me I’m talking about him. So. Darn. Cute.

It might be dangerous fun to give each other’s themes. People never see themselves as other people do.

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Being open to the wonder and poetry of everyday life.

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@GloPro I’m open to being assigned a theme. Anyone want a have a go?

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My doghouse has a Victorian Goth look. I would say that I identify with a 1890’s theme.

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@Mimishu1995 I’m not Norwegian, I just live here. But I think I came up with my theme this morning.

Chaotic Good.

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@Symbeline What? I always thought your theme was Viking.

Or maybe this is your theme?

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OK, I’ll answer my own question.

This is firmly my theme. But many jellies here know that already?

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@Mimishu1995 Lol, you know what’s funny, is that initially, my answer was going to be ’‘zombie Vikings’’. I love both zombies and Vikings, one day it’s one, the next it’s the other.

But I do theorize that if a zombie ever bit a Viking, the Viking would not turn. He would bleed to death eventually, but the Viking’s will is just SO HARDCORE that even the master of vampires would run away crying like a little girl.

And that is not an insult to zombies, as zombies are brainless; they don’t give a flying fornication about Viking strength. They would still try to eat the Viking, and the Viking would just fight them. Perfect mix! :D

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@Symbeline Have you seen the Mythbusters Zombie episode? It is a hoot and then some!

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@cazzie Chaotic Good is actually a good fit. As many men in your life that lack emotional and attention skills life is probably a lot of riding the wave for you.

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@Cruiser Whooa!! I want to be in a brain game like that! I’d want to be one of the zombies though. :)

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@Symbeline Then you may just meet your match if you were a Zombie in this episode

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